Agency Contracts
Agency IdBegin DateAmountTitleType
VOCA-2017-REFUGE HOUSE, INC.-0026010/01/2017$383,165.00Refuge House, Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-REFUGE HOUSE, INC.-0026110/01/2017$122,000.00Refuge House, Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY SERVI-0040710/01/2017$268,125.00Religious Community Services, Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SAFESPACE, INC.-0009910/01/2017$237,583.00Safespace, Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SAFETY SHELTER OF ST. JOH-0053810/01/2017$539,424.00Safety Shelter Of St. Johns Co Dba Betty Griffin HouseGrant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SALVARE, INC. D/B/A DAWN-0023010/01/2017$482,575.00Salvare, Inc., D/B/A Dawn Center Of Hernando CountyGrant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SANTA ROSA SHERIFF'S OFFI- 0023210/04/2017$42,937.00Santa Rosa County Sheriff's OfficeGrant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SELAH FREEDOM-0047010/01/2017$945,179.00Selah Freedom Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
VOCA-2017-SEMINOLE COUNTY BAR ASSOC-0000210/01/2017$429,375.00Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society, Inc.Grant Disbursement Agreement
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