Attorney General's Advisory Legal Opinions
AGO 2020-01 02/04/2020 Tax deed sale funds to govt leinholders
AGO 2019-14 11/22/2019 Education Practices Commission
AGO 2019-11 11/06/2019 Municipal election -- align with state general election
AGO 2019-13 11/01/2019 Tourist development tax -- for-profit museum
AGO 2019-12 11/01/2019 Community redevelopment agency -- transfer of authority
AGO 2019-10 09/11/2019 Audit exemption to extend discretionary sales surtax
AGO 2019-09 08/16/2019 Special district, absentee voting
AGO 2019-08 08/16/2019 Public records, cybersecurity testing
AGO 2019-07 08/16/2019 Vacation rentals, municipalities, grandfather provision
AGO 2019-06 08/16/2019 Ad valorem taxation, municipal aircraft hangar leases

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