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Office of the Attorney General
The Child Predator Cyber Crime Unit Victim Advocate Division works directly with victims of child pornography, online solicitation, and other computer-based child victimizations. The specially trained victim advocates are housed throughout the State of Florida and we are available to provide assistance with victim compensation, criminal justice support, crisis counseling, and information and referral. Their services also include personal advocacy and follow-up contact. The cyber victim advocates work with the children, and their families, from the initial disclosure to the conclusion of the criminal justice proceedings. The advocates work to assure the rights granted to all crime victims pursuant to F.s. 960 are upheld. The cyber victim advocates work directly with all victims t assure that each one is directed to the appropriate services to help the victim move through the healing process of the victimization and recovery.
Office of the Governor
Office of the State Attorney Twentieth Judicial Circuit
Project Help, Inc.
Project Help, Inc.
Counseling, groups, outreach services, 24 hrs. crisis intervention and response, 24 hrs. crisis and counseling hotline and referral.
Project Help, Inc.
Provides monthly meetings for support, guidance and advocacy.
Shelter for Abused Women & Children (SAWCC)
United States Attorney's Office
Youth Haven, Inc.