Attorney General Pam Bondi News Release

May 22, 2013
Contact: Whitney Ray
Phone: (850) 245-0150

Attorney General Pam Bondi and Other Attorneys General Urge Urban Outfitters to End “Prescription Line”

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –Attorney General Pam Bondi and other attorneys general have called on Urban Outfitters to end its “Prescription Line” of glasses, drink holders, coasters and other items intended to look similar to prescription drug labels and pads.

"Profiting from a ‘prescription line’ that is contrary to Florida's efforts to combat prescription drug overdoses and drinking is unacceptable. We are calling on Urban Outfitters to forgo a few sales and help us save a lot of lives."

Attorney General Pam Bondi has led efforts in Florida to end prescription drug abuse. In addition to working with the Florida Legislature in 2011 to pass tough new laws and regulations to close pill mills, she also worked with the Legislature to establish the Prescription Drug Abuse and Newborns Task Force. When Attorney General Bondi first took office, 98 of the country’s top dispensing physicians of oxycodone resided in Florida; today, none of the country’s top dispensing physicians of oxycodone resides in Florida.

To view the letter, please follow this link:$file/UrbanOutfitters.pdf