Attorney General Ashley Moody News Release

September 9, 2022
Contact: Kylie Mason
Phone: (850) 245-0150

VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Encourages Preparedness Ahead of Hurricane Season’s Peak

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Saturday marks the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and Attorney General Ashley Moody is urging Floridians to not be complacent. According to historical data, Sept. 10 is the most active day for tropical storms and hurricanes. So far this year, Florida has avoided major storm activity, but the next few weeks could be more active.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “As we approach the peak day of hurricane season, I am urging all Floridians to remain vigilant and prepared. Sept. 10 has been a day to remember throughout history with a slew of named storms threatening or impacting North America on this day. You don’t have to look back very far in our state’s history to see the devastation Hurricane Irma caused in South Florida on Sept. 10, 2017. While we are lucky that no system is currently threatening our state, have a plan in place and stay safe Florida.”

Sept. 10 is the most common day for storms because it is often when the Atlantic Ocean is warmest and the vertical wind shear is extremely weak, giving storms the perfect environment to form. History has shown the devastation hurricanes can cause, so it is important to stay alert and prepared. Taking proper precautions can save lives and provide peace of mind when the hurricane warnings start.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows a graph of the most common times a hurricane or tropical storm has hit the Atlantic Basin. The last 100 years show a drastic jump in storms from August to September. Since 1966, 50% of all hurricane seasons have had at least one active hurricane on Sept. 10.

In May, Attorney General Moody released the 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide which provides Floridians with information about the storm season, steps for creating a household emergency plan, advice for avoiding scams that may follow in the weather event’s aftermath and much more.

To access the 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide in English, click here.

To access the 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide in Spanish, click here.

Floridians can stay informed about serious storm events using the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s website, Floridians can also monitor a storm’s progression and the latest weather alerts using the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center by visiting

If there is an oncoming tropical storm or hurricane, Floridians should look for further guidance from local officials and emergency managers.