Attorney General Ashley Moody News Release
August 10, 2021
Contact: Kylie Mason
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Attorney General Moody Takes Action to Shut Down Water Filter Company Falsely Promising to Treat Serious Medical Conditions

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office is taking legal action to shut down a Florida company selling drinking water systems with promises of unproven health benefits and using deceptive financing offers. Wellness Program Services, LLC d/b/a Trusii, operating out of Broward County, allegedly falsely claims that the use of its molecular hydrogen water machines could assist in ailments ranging from cancer, depression, diabetes, lupus, skin disorders and other chronic diseases. Many victims of the deceptive and unfair practices include seniors and consumers with health conditions.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This company swindles consumers seeking to improve their health—many of whom were Florida seniors. Promising a product can cure a myriad of ailments is a scam as old as snake oil, and it’s downright shameful that this company would exploit consumers concerned about their health, especially during a pandemic. My office is taking legal action to hold the defendant accountable for its actions and protect Floridians from these false claims.”

Trusii allegedly lures people to purchase its high-priced products—ranging from $6,720 to $9,770—with false promises of wide-ranging health benefits and attractive financing. As part of the company’s marketing strategy, Trusii offers a case study program that purportedly provides customers with monthly compensation payments in exchange for providing positive feedback about the machines. The company claims the payments would offset some, or all, of the financing costs of the filter system. According to consumer complaints, Trusii did not provide the promised compensation, sent checks sporadically, mailed consumers worthless checks or the checks stopped altogether.

Further, Trusii allegedly claims that its system generates a high molecular hydrogen water content of four to nine parts per million. The manufacturer of these machines, Hygen Tech Solutions, advertises that the products have a hydrogen concentration ranging from three to four ppm. In total, the manufacturer sold approximately 1,100 machines to Trusii to date.

Trusii sells the products with a three-year unconditional repair or replacement warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. However, consumers complained that the water systems were defective at delivery, stopped working after a short period, generated a foul odor and had signs of mold on the machine’s filter. Trusii allegedly failed to comply with its three-year repair or replacement warranty policy, as well as the advertised 30-day money back guarantee refund policy. Consumers alleged that in denying refunds, Trusii stated that the 30-day guarantee started the day the consumers purchased the machine, even though some consumers waited months to receive the machines.

Attorney General Moody’s office is now suing the company, seeking full restitution for consumers, civil penalties for each violation, a permanent injunction against the defendants and additional fees and costs.

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