Attorney General Pam Bondi News Release
June 3, 2011
Contact: Whitney Ray
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Attorney General Bondi Applauds Governor Scott for Signing Anti-Pill Mill Bill

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–Today, Attorney General Pam Bondi applauded Governor Scott for signing a comprehensive anti-pill mill bill (HB 7095) championed by the Attorney General during this year’s legislative session. Florida has been dubbed the epicenter for pill mills, and prescription drug overdoses cost at least seven Floridians’ lives per day. Pain clinics have lined Florida’s neighborhood blocks and strip malls, issuing prescription pain killers in numbers unjustifiable for legitimate medical use. Florida was in need of tough legislation to crack down on the state’s pill mills, and Attorney General Bondi made fighting this deadly epidemic her top priority. HB 7095 was sponsored by Senator Mike Fasano and Representative Robert Schenck.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a story of someone who has lost a family member or friend to prescription drug abuse,” said Attorney General Bondi. “This legislation will make significant strides in ridding Florida of unscrupulous doctors and pill mills, making our state a safer place to live and raise our families.”

Here is a link to video comment from Attorney General Bondi:

The legislation provides a comprehensive plan to stop the epidemic of prescription drug abuse and pill mills. Specifically, the bill toughens criminal and administrative penalties targeting doctors and clinics engaged in prescription drug trafficking. The bill also establishes standards of care for doctors who prescribe narcotics, requires them to register with the Department of Health, and bans doctors from dispensing the most abused narcotics. Additionally, the bill toughens oversight of pharmacies and wholesale distributors and strengthens the effectiveness of the prescription drug database by speeding up the time data must be entered.

“I believe that this legislation will provide Florida with the necessary protections and enforcement to continue fighting the pill mill crisis. With Florida being the prescription drug dealer for the nation, these tough criminal and administrative penalties will help us stop pill mills and unscrupulous doctors,” said Sen. Fasano, Senate sponsor of the bill. "The successful passage of this bill would not have been possible if not for the hard work and dedicated advocacy Attorney General Bondi demonstrated during the recently ended session."

"I am proud to have been a part of this effort, along with AG Bondi and Gov. Scott, to provide law enforcement with the means to quickly and aggressively stop these criminals from masquerading as legitimate doctors," said Rep. Schenck, House sponsor of the bill. "The implementation of this legislation signals a new day in Florida, a day in which we step up to fight prescription drug abuse, protect Florida's children and families, and shut down pill mills once and for all. Today, we tell these drug dealers masquerading as doctors that Florida is closed for business."