Attorney General Pam Bondi News Release
October 23, 2017
Contact: Whitney Ray
Phone: (850) 245-0150
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Attorney General’s Office Files Lawsuit Against Air Conditioning Marketing and Sales Company

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office is taking action against a Palm Beach County sales and marketing company and its owners for making false promises to customers buying air conditioning units. Complete Eco Home Services LLC f/d/b/a The Green Club Home Services LLC and its owners allegedly induced customers, often targeting the elderly and low-income consumers, to purchase air conditioning units at no cost or for minimal monthly installment payments. The Attorney General’s Office is seeking refunds for Florida consumers of more than $200,000.

“Taking advantage of seniors trying to save money on their utility bills just to make ends meet is immoral—we will not allow anyone to get away with deceiving our seniors to make a quick buck,” said Attorney General Bondi.

The complaint states that the business falsely represented their air conditioning units to be more energy efficient, with the potential for consumers’ utility bills to be substantially lower. In some circumstances, the defendants allegedly promised customers air conditioning units at no cost and then assisted or personally filled out loan applications for the amounts of the units. The victims believed the applications to be authorizations for the promised free units, not actual loan applications. According to the complaint, during sales presentations, the business also falsely stated that it has special relationships with various government agencies and utility companies that would result in free or substantially reduced air conditioning units.

Attorney General Bondi’s Office is seeking to permanently enjoin Complete Eco Home Services from engaging in any business in Florida involving the marketing, sale, financing and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products and services. The action also seeks full restitution to consumers affected by the company’s deceptive and unfair trade practices.

To view a copy of the complaint, click here.