Attorney General Ashley Moody News Release
June 13, 2022
Contact: Kylie Mason
Phone: (850) 245-0150
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ONE PILL CAN KILL: Attorney General Moody Releases Fast Facts on Fentanyl to Educate Parents About the Dangers of Synthetic Opioids

Attorney General Ashley Moody is releasing a new informational toolkit about protecting children from digital drug dealers during summer break—when kids often spend more time online. The Fast Facts on Fentanyl Toolkit highlights how drug dealers utilize social media to sell illicit substances, and warns that those substances may contain deadly amounts of synthetic opioids. Attorney General Moody encourages Floridians to download the free toolkit and learn about synthetic opioids—including the emerging threat of Nitazenes.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Drug dealers are utilizing the internet to conduct their illicit business—often using social media to pressure children into purchasing deadly substances. Minors may be increasingly susceptible to digital dealers during the summer, when they may spend more time online. That is why I am releasing Fast Facts on Fentanyl to help parents talk to their children about the dangers of drug use. Sadly, we are reminded almost daily that one pill laced with fentanyl can kill. I hope this resource can help families better understand the risks associated with drug use and avoid tragedy.”

The Fast Facts on Fentanyl Toolkit highlights the dangers of fentanyl:

  • The synthetic opioid is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine;
  • Just two milligrams can be lethal;
  • Four out of every 10 pills found containing fentanyl have a potentially lethal dose; and
  • Counterfeit pills have been identified in all 50 states.
The toolkit also delves into the most popular social media applications, what the average age group is for each app and a detailed list of emojis used as codes in online conversations regarding illicit drug transactions. Here are some examples of emojis used to communicate about drugs:
  • Prescription Drugs: 💊🅿️ 🍫
  • Dealer Advertising: 💰🔌🍁
  • Cocaine: ❄️⛄🔑
  • Marijuana: 💨🌲🔥
The Fast Facts on Fentanyl Toolkit shows how dangerous illicit drugs can be, including the highly-lethal synthetic opioids that Attorney General Moody recently emergency scheduled known as Nitazenes.

To view Fast Facts on Fentanyl Toolkit, click here.

To view the toolkit in Spanish, click here.

Attorney General Moody developed the Dose of Reality Florida website for Floridians to learn how to find help and how to spot someone who may be abusing drugs. The site serves as a one-stop resource to obtain information about the dangers of opioid misuse, how to receive support for addiction and where to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs. To learn more about Dose of Reality Florida, click