Attorney General's Weekly Newsletter
Volume 9, Issue 293 • June 17, 2016
Attorney General Bondi's Weekly Briefing

On Sunday, 49 innocent Americans were murdered and 53 were wounded in a terrorist attack at an Orlando nightclub. My heart breaks for the victims, their families, friends and our country in the wake of this horrific tragedy. This senseless act of violence has left so many people broken, with scars that will never go away.

I awoke Sunday morning to this horrible news, and like many of you, I prayed. Then, I headed to Orlando to meet up with my team of victim advocates to offer grief counseling to victims and families devastated by the attack.

I joined law enforcement. Their bravery and strength in the face of senseless and evil acts never ceases to amaze me. Many civilians also showed great courage, carrying injured victims away from the scene and out of harm’s way. Paramedics, nurses and doctors went to work immediately to treat the injured and save lives. Others answered the call by giving blood.

We stand united in love for the victims, their families and our country—with a resolve to strengthen and heal our nation. Sometimes the very actions meant to hurt us serve to make us stronger.

There is no consolation for those who lost their lives. All we have now are their memories and the loved ones they left behind. My victim advocates are helping the families of all 49 of the deceased victims file victim compensation claims. Eighty-five claims have been filed total and we remain in Orlando to help families grieve and assist them with medical bills and funeral expenses.

Generous people worldwide are also responding, opening their hearts and their wallets to raise millions of dollars for the victims and families. My office is working to make sure their generosity is honored by checking on new accounts and websites created in the wake of this tragedy and offering tips to help people give effectively.

Like after 9/11, Americans are joining together to strengthen and heal our country. This process will take time, as it always does, because the wounds are deep. But in the face of such terror and evil, we must stand united as a country—for freedom and against hate—and focus on the love and generosity that makes us great as a nation and as people.

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Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Bondi Applauds Millions Raised for Victims of Orlando Attack, Emphasizes Giving Tips
Millions of dollars are reportedly rapidly being donated to organizations helping the victims and families of the horrific Orlando attack. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s consumer protection staff is in the process of checking hundreds of funding pages on several crowdfunding websites and has been in direct contact with platforms such as in an attempt to ensure that charity webpages promising to help the victims of this tragedy are legitimate. More.

Beware of Scammers Seeking Donations to Assist Orlando Attack Victims

In the wake of the tragic attack in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in United States history, Attorney General Pam Bondi is warning Floridians to be wary of sham charities trying to exploit the goodwill of others.

“My heart breaks for the victims, their families, friends and our country during this horrific tragedy,” said Attorney General Bondi. “So many Americans are doing what they can, and if you plan to give to a charity claiming to assist the victims and their families, please follow some simple guidelines to ensure the charity is legitimate and the money is going to those in need. Sadly, scammers can exploit tragedy to prey on the good intention of generous people to steal donations from those who need them.”

Attorney General Bondi and FTC Shut Down Illegal Robocall Operation

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission obtained a federal district court order to temporarily shut down a Central Florida-based operation allegedly causing more than $15 million in consumer harm. This operation blasted consumers with robocalls designed to deceive consumers into paying up-front fees for phony credit card interest-rate-reduction and debt-elimination services. This order stopping illegal robocalls is one of a series of injunctions against robocall operations in Florida that the Attorney General has obtained in recent joint enforcement actions with the FTC.