Attorney General's Weekly Briefing
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December 16, 2011
We are dedicated to protecting consumers and to ensuring that harmed consumers are repaid for any money lost due to fraudulent or deceptive business practices. This Wednesday we announced a settlement with the debt ... [Read Briefing]
December 09, 2011
This week I announced at a press conference that I oppose the expansion of gambling in Florida. I believe that authorizing mega casinos would take our state in a fundamentally wrong direction. We need less gambling in ... [Read Briefing]
December 02, 2011
Shopping for friends and loved ones is an enjoyable part of the holiday season. As you're shopping online or in stores, please be vigilant and read the fine print on advertisements to avoid falling for misleading or ... [Read Briefing]
Nov. 23, 2011
As we gather together with family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, we all reflect on our blessings. I am grateful to the men and women who selflessly serve our country. To our military members who are overseas and ... [Read Briefing]
November 18, 2011
On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced their decision to hear the federal health care challenge. I am pleased that they have granted certiorari in the States' challenge to the federal health care law. Throughout ... [Read Briefing]
November 10 ,2011
I would like to thank our country's veterans for their dedication and commitment to the United States of America. It is due to veterans' selfless service that we enjoy the freedoms that we do today. Tomorrow's Veterans ... [Read Briefing]
November 04, 2011
Today our Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Miami-Dade Police Department arrested Maratib Hashmi and Nasim Hashmi, both 61, on felony warrants by our office. The Miami-Dade couple was charged with defrauding the ... [Read Briefing]
October 28, 2011
On Thursday, the Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education program hosted a candlelight vigil remembering those who have lost their lives to drug overdoses and those who are struggling with their battles with ... [Read Briefing]
October 21, 2011
Today, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Commissioner Bailey released their 2011 Semi-Annual Uniform Crime Report showing that Florida's crime rate has continued to decrease, even since their report of a ... [Read Briefing]
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