Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

Florida is home to some of the finest law enforcement men and women in our country, and we should never lose sight of the fact that our safety and security come at a tremendous price.

Eighteen years ago this week, we learned just how quickly that security can be taken from us, and how selflessly our first responders act in the face of terror. As our nation reflects on 9/11 and the lives lost on that fateful day, let us not forget the police officers, firefighters and paramedics who rushed to the scene—many of them entering the towers moments before they collapsed.

While these heroic actions are forever etched in the minds of those of us who watched in horror as our nation was under attack, there are day-to-day sacrifices by our first responders that often go unnoticed.

Earlier this month, as Florida braced for a hurricane strike, our first-responders kicked in to high gear. They quickly organized, manned emergency operation centers, patrolled their communities offering advice and assistance to help keep Floridians safe.

First-responders lean into the danger. They jeopardize their safety to protect their fellow Americans. I was honored this week to address hundreds of first responders at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office First Responders Appreciation Lunch.

We also honored first responders in Orlando this week, by awarding the Back the Blue award to three Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputies who saved three people from overdosing on fentanyl. Their quick thinking and expertise saved lives and speaks volumes about the debt we owe our first responders.

We can never thank them enough, but by recognizing their sacrifices and all that they do, we can build a stronger, safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
BACK THE BLUE ALERT: Attorney General Moody Recognizes Three Seminole County Deputies

Attorney General Ashley Moody presented Back the Blue Awards to three Seminole County Sheriff deputies who responded to the scene of a triple overdose. Lieutenant Dwayne Kvalheim, Deputy James Hennessey and Deputy Caitlin Henry responded to a call at a local gas station and approached two men and one woman who were unresponsive and turning blue. It quickly became apparent that the individuals were suffering from symptoms of a drug overdose. The deputies then instantly administered doses of Narcan to the individuals saving their lives. The overdoses ended up being the result of taking the lethal drug fentanyl.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “These individuals are so incredibly lucky to have three amazing deputies respond and quickly administer life-saving treatment. It is due to these deputies quick-thinking and expertise that these individuals survived. The opioid epidemic does not discriminate, and it is ravaging our country, including our great state. Florida loses 17 people a day alone to this demanding epidemic and we must fight back. Thank you, deputies, for your critical help in this fight.” More.

Attorney General Moody Recognizes National Suicide Prevention Week

Attorney General Ashley Moody is recognizing National Suicide Prevention Week through her role as Attorney General by encouraging mental health awareness within law enforcement agencies. National Suicide Prevention Week is Sept. 8-14. According to, 167 active and retired law enforcement officers nationwide committed suicide in 2018. This summer, Attorney General Moody hosted Mental Health and Criminal Justice Round Tables across the state. The first round table discussion focused on mental health in Florida’s law enforcement ranks.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “One law enforcement life lost to suicide is one too many. I stand committed to do everything in my power to help our brave law enforcement officers so that no one has to suffer alone. Our officers carry a heavy burden, and see many traumatic events unfold but still they must act quickly to protect others. Providing help and assistance to our law enforcement officers and improving mental health programs and strategies is one of my priorities as Attorney General.” More.

Attorney General Moody Issues Statement on Multibillion-Dollar Agreement in Principle with Purdue Pharma

Attorney General Ashley Moody issued the following statement about a historic, multibillion-dollar agreement in principle with Purdue Pharma:

“After months of pursuing justice for Florida we have negotiated a historic, multibillion-dollar agreement in principle to hold Purdue Pharma responsible for its role in the national opioid epidemic. Sadly, this agreement cannot bring back those who have lost their lives to opioid abuse, but it will help Florida gain access to more life-saving resources and bolster our efforts to end this deadly epidemic. I want to assure Floridians that we will continue to aggressively pursue our state case against all remaining defendants.”

Attorney General Moody and Bipartisan Coalition of Attorneys General Launch Google Antitrust Investigation

Attorney General Ashley Moody and attorneys general from across the country announced an investigation of tech giant Google’s business practices to ascertain if these practices are in compliance with state and federal antitrust laws.

The bipartisan coalition, in which Florida has a leadership role, announced plans to investigate Google’s overarching control of online advertising markets and search traffic that may have led to anticompetitive behavior that harms consumers. Legal experts from each state will work in cooperation with Federal authorities to assess competitive conditions for online services and ensure that Americans have access to free digital markets.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This investigation will initially focus on Google’s dominant role in the internet advertising space. As a result of this dominance, Google has developed into a commercial behemoth that can control, manipulate and command commerce not just in Florida, but across the entire United States and world. This is very concerning to me and should be concerning to all of us.” More.

Attorney General Moody’s Statement on the President’s Commitment to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

Attorney General Ashley Moody released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s commitment to ban all non-tobacco flavored E-cigarettes from the market:

“I applaud President Trump for taking action to rein in the E-cigarette industry and combat the youth vaping epidemic.

“While we may not yet fully understand the harmful effects these products can have on the human body, we know that use is skyrocketing among young people and that there is rapidly growing concern in the medical community about their use.

“Since taking office, I have traveled the state to listen to parents, teachers, students, law enforcement officers and medical professionals concerned about youth vaping. Make no mistake, they are very worried about the potential for long-term health consequences and believe policymakers need to step in and take action.

“I know that Florida’s families will appreciate President Trump’s actions and they can count on me and my office to work alongside his administration to protect our youth.”

Attorney General Moody’s Statement on President Trump’s Nomination of Judge Singhal

Attorney General Ashley Moody released the following statement on President Donald J. Trump nominating Judge Raag Singhal to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida:

“I am very excited to see that the President has nominated Judge Singhal to be a Federal District Court Judge. I have known Judge Singhal for some time. We taught other judges together at Florida’s Advanced Judicial Studies program. He is very sharp, with a strong respect for the rule of law. He understands the proper role of a judge. Judge Singhal will serve this nation and the Southern District of Florida well as a United States District Judge.”

VIDEO CONSUMER ALERT: Imposters Spoof FDLE Phone Numbers

Attorney General Ashley Moody is issuing a Consumer Alert to warn Floridians about an imposter scam spoofing Florida Department of Law Enforcement phone numbers. Imposter scams often involve spoofing, the practice of using technology to disguise the name and number displayed on caller ID. Imposters use spoofing to create the appearance that a law enforcement agency, or other government entity with authority, is making a request. In this case, the imposters want targets to believe FDLE requires immediate payment or the target will face legal ramifications.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “As Florida’s Attorney General, I am infuriated that anyone would impersonate law enforcement, especially one of our state law enforcement agencies—FDLE. Not only are scams like this illegal, they make citizens question real law enforcement efforts. Please be on the look-out for these types of imposter scams and report fraud to FDLE, local law enforcement or my office at (866) 9NO-SCAM.”

Attorney General to Challenge Proposed Amendment that is Longer than Article I of Florida’s Constitution

Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a petition with the Florida Supreme Court and will challenge a misleading initiative that is longer than Article I of Florida’s Constitution. Florida laws direct the Attorney General to review the titles and summaries of citizen initiatives to identify ambiguous or misleading ballot language. The Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol to Establish Age, Licensing, and Other Restrictions initiative is 10 pages long, single spaced—longer than Article I of Florida’s Constitution, and it cannot be summarized in a way that would clearly inform a voter about what he or she is voting on.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Not only is this proposed amendment longer than Article I of our State Constitution, it is also longer than the prior 30 Constitutional amendments combined. There is no way 10 pages of the law can be summarized clearly in 75 words or less and would adequately convey to the voters what exactly they will be voting on. That is why I will ask the Florida Supreme Court to seriously consider the sheer length and ambiguous language chosen by the sponsor when reviewing the legality of this proposed initiative.” More.
This week, Attorney General Ashley Moody joined attorneys general in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to announce an antitrust investigation into Google. To watch highlights from the news conference, click here.

Attorney General Moody with Florida’s U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott on Capitol Hill.

Attorney General Moody delivering the keynote address at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office First Responders Appreciation Luncheon in Tallahassee. Attorney General Moody thanks the brave men and women of law enforcement for the sacrifices they make every day to keep us safe.

Attorney General Moody presenting Back the Blue Awards to three Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputies for their quick actions that saved the lives of three overdose victims.

Attorney General Moody meeting with seniors at the West Miami Senior Center to talk about common fraud schemes.

Attorney General Moody meeting with West Miami city and law enforcement officials.

City Manager Yolanda Aguilar, City Commissioner Eric Diaz-Padron, Deputy Chief of Police Carlos Avila, AG Moody, Chief of Police Nelson Andreu and West Miami Mayor Rhonda Rodriguez

Attorney General Moody with officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department. Attorney General Moody and MDPD Director Juan Perez spoke about fighting the opioid epidemic, violent crime and human trafficking.

Criminal Investigations Division Chief Richard Amion, Director Juan Perez, AG Moody, Deputy Director Alfredo Ramirez III and Assistant Director Thomas Hanlon