Attorney General Bondi's Weekly Briefing

This week my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit arrested three individuals connected to a scheme to exploit children’s medical information. The defendants allegedly gave children fake mental health diagnosis in order to fraudulently bill Medicaid for more than $100,000 in mental health services. The parents never authorized these services, nor did the children ever receive the services.

Valerie Jackson and Kwanya Sanders own a company that is a Florida Medicaid provider in Melbourne. Jackson and Sanders entered into a business partnership with Bobby Lyons, who ran a mentoring program through Orange County Schools. As part of the arrangement, Lyons provided the other two defendants with a list of students and their Medicaid identification to allow the provider to bill for services Lyons rendered. Lyons never provided any of the billed services.

Even after realizing Lyons’ fraud, Jackson and Sanders did not notify authorities or attempt to return the funds received illegally from Medicaid. Our investigation revealed that Lyons only mentored students and did not provide any actual psychosocial counseling for the fraudulent diagnoses of serious mental health issues. Earlier this year, in a separate case, my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit arrested Lyons for a similar scheme to sell personal information of children to a different Medicaid provider.

Exploiting the personal medical information of children in an effort to steal hardworking Florida taxpayer dollars is disgraceful. Thanks to the great investigative work of my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and help from our local partners, these individuals are being held accountable.

Pam Bondi
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Bondi Takes Legal Action to Block Aetna’s Acquisition of Humana

Attorney General Pam Bondi joined seven other state attorneys general, the District of Columbia and the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division in filling a legal challenge to stop a proposed merger of Aetna Inc. and Humana Inc. Aetna is the nation’s third-largest health insurer, operates in every state and the District of Columbia and provides health insurance to 23 million people. Humana is the nation’s fifth-largest health insurer, operates in every state and the District of Columbia, and provides health insurance to 14 million people. According to the lawsuit, the merger of the two insurers would likely lead to higher prices and reduced benefits for Florida seniors, families and individuals.

“Competition in our health insurance markets is crucial to keeping premiums down and the quality of care up, particularly when it comes to our seniors and other vulnerable populations, the individuals most affected by this proposed acquisition,” said Attorney General Bondi. “It is important that we do everything we can to preserve competition in these markets.”

Attorney General Bondi Names 2016 School Resource Officer of the Year

Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Florida Association of School Resource Officers named the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Senior Deputy Ronald Gill the 2016 School Resource Officer of the Year. Deputy Gill is a 14-year veteran of the office and currently serves as the Ernest Ward Middle School resource officer.

“Deputy Gill, goes above and beyond to not only ensure the safety of students at the school he serves, but to also provide guidance to the youth in his community,” said Attorney General Bondi. “Resource officers play a vital role in the lives of students on a daily basis and I am honored to name Deputy Gill the 2016 School Resource Officer of the Year.”