Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

This week, following the Chinese spy balloon saga, I cautioned Florida parents about another potential security risk—China-owned social media company TikTok. My office is actively investigating the popular social media app over its harmful effects on children, engagement techniques and data collection.

As a mom, an American and Florida’s Attorney General, I have major concerns about how TikTok may be influencing children and exploiting user data. I have banned the app in my home and at our office.

Many U.S. universities are banning the use of TikTok on campus. Just last month, the University of Florida sent a letter to its faculty, staff and students, recommending everyone delete TikTok from all mobile devices—citing national security concerns due to the possibility of foreign governments using the app to collect and access user data.

I demanded TikTok allow parents to monitor their child’s social media use through parent controls, and for the company to take immediate action in raising its age ratings to mature or 17+.

Parents, please consider deleting the app from your children’s devices to better protect personal information.

By taking steps to safeguard your family's data, you can help us build a Stronger, Safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Moody Announces 25-Year Prison Sentence for Pharmacist Trafficking Prescription Drugs

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution secured a 25-year prison sentence for a pharmacist trafficking prescription drugs, including opioids. Ekaette Isemin owned and operated Care Point Pharmacy in Ormond Beach. According to a law enforcement investigation, Isemin filled prescriptions with minimal-to-no confirmation from the prescribing doctor.

Attorney General Ashley Moody
said, “We secured a long prison sentence for a pharmacist responsible for flooding Florida streets with prescription painkillers and other controlled substances with minimal or sometimes no confirmation from the prescribing doctor. While she used her profession in an attempt to conceal her crimes, my Statewide Prosecutors proved to the court that her true work was that of a common drug dealer.” More.

Attorney General Moody Demands President Biden Declare Mexican Drug Cartels Terrorist Organizations

Attorney General Ashley Moody today demanded President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations under federal law. The president’s unlawful immigration policies embolden the cartels who are bringing in vast amounts of deadly fentanyl, as well as violence, into the country—putting American lives at risk. Declaring the cartels FTOs gives state and federal agencies the authority to freeze assets, deny entry to cartel members and pursue stricter punishments.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “It’s evident that the Mexican drug cartels are terrorist organizations—they are trafficking deadly fentanyl directly across the border, and it is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. They are also fueling extreme violence at the southwest border and beyond. Sadly, the Biden administration has only emboldened the cartels to commit even more crimes on both sides of the border—through his unlawful immigration policies. So, today, I am demanding that Biden better equip the federal government to fight back by declaring the drug cartels foreign terrorist organizations.”

VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Warns Floridians of Online Predators and Human Traffickers on Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, Attorney General Ashley Moody is providing tips and resources to Floridians to guard against online predators. Criminals continue to use the internet, social media, messaging apps, video games and other avenues to create fake accounts and manipulate young users. This can lead to human trafficking, kidnapping and sextortion.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Predators and human traffickers are online lying about their age and intentions, all in an effort to victimize children. Safer Internet Day is a good time to talk to your children about online threats and set strict parameters on the use of social media and devices connected to the internet.”
This week, Attorney General Moody met with first responders in Tallahassee recognized as Florida Stars of Life. The Florida Stars of Life program pays tribute to the dedication of these heroes while shining light on the critical role EMS plays in health-care infrastructure. The Florida Ambulance Association honored those who were nominated by member organizations of the FAA for going above and beyond in service of their communities or related to a specific mission.

Attorney General Moody helping kick off the 2023 Florida State Fair in Tampa at the Flip the Switch event with Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson, the Florida Highway Patrol and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Attorney General Moody speaking at the Florida State Fair Governor’s Luncheon.