Attorney General Bondi's Weekly Briefing

Horror unfolded in a Jacksonville pizzeria last Sunday. While gamers competed in a video game tournament, one contestant took out a weapon and began firing at competitors. The attack ended in a matter of minutes leaving three dead, including the shooter, and several more injured.

First responders participating in a nearby training exercise rushed to the scene and immediately began rendering aid to victims of the shooting. Local law enforcement began clearing the scene. I immediately sent my victim advocates to help the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office counsel survivors, offer trauma services and assist with medical expenses. While in Jacksonville following the shooting, I also had the opportunity to visit with some of the victims and hear their stories.

While the malevolent and cowardly acts of the shooter have left many broken and hurting, it has also brought the Jacksonville community closer and highlighted the brave efforts of first responders, law enforcement and giving people across our country.

In the minutes, hours and days following the shooting, people began giving their time and money to help the healing process. Crowdsourcing accounts were opened, and my office began working with GoFundMe in an effort to spot any fraudulent fundraising.

You can help us ensure resources go to people in need. If you encounter a suspicious charity trying to make money off this tragedy, please contact my office immediately by calling 1(866) 9NO-SCAM or file a complaint online at

Pam Bondi
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Bondi Takes Legal Action Over Rental Car Toll Fees

Attorney General Pam Bondi filed legal action against Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group for its billing practices involving toll fees and other charges to customers in Florida. The complaint alleges Dollar Thrifty misrepresents charges for cashless tolls as fines or violations, and bills customers a grossly-inflated fee for each toll incurred. Dollar Thrifty charges $10 to $15 each time one of its rental car customers drives through a Florida cashless toll, and up to $105 during the course of a rental.

The complaint alleges that Dollar Thrifty failed to clearly and conspicuously disclose to consumers the excessive toll fees it charges customers for the use of Florida’s cashless toll roads and misrepresented toll fees and information related to Florida’s cashless toll roads to coerce consumers into purchasing Dollar Thrifty’s toll product, PlatePass. Hundreds of tourists vacationing in Florida filed complaints with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, claiming they were unaware of the fees until receiving bills that reflected charges weeks after returning home. More

Jacksonville Company Sued for Deceptive Mortgage and Foreclosure Relief Services

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office filed a court action against a Jacksonville-based company and its owner for deceptively marketing and selling mortgage and foreclosure relief services to consumers throughout the United States, defrauding consumers out of more than $160,000. Brian Roy Lozito, while doing business as American Investigative Services, LLC., allegedly deceived more than 150 consumers by claiming to provide services in return for payments upfront.

According to the complaint, American Investigative Services solicited upfront payments from consumers promising to conduct a forensic audit of consumers’ mortgage documentation in order to uncover evidence of improper robosigning, or improper notarization, assignment, or recording of the mortgage documents, or other technical deficiencies. The defendants told consumers that if these purported legal deficiencies were uncovered in mortgage documents, the lender would be unable to foreclose on the consumer’s mortgage, and the consumer would thereby own the home free and clear, even if the consumer stopped making mortgage payments to the lender. The defendants even claimed that consumers could recover mortgage payments the consumers had previously made to mortgage companies. More

Attorney General Bondi honors the life of Senator John McCain, a war hero, public servant and great American.