Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

This week, along with the Florida Retail Federation and law enforcement leaders, I announced the launch of Florida’s first statewide task force to combat large-scale retail theft, as well as a new tool designed to help better coordinate prevention and prosecutorial efforts.

The new tool called FORCE, or Florida Organized Retail Crime Exchange, is an interactive database that will help law enforcement and retailers spot trends, identify suspects and take down massive, organized retail theft rings.

Videos from major cities across the country show mobs of criminals ransacking department stores—burglars smashing display cases and running away with ill-gotten gains.

A recent study by the National Retail Federation showed that nearly 70% of store owners nationwide reported an increase in crime over the past year—most alarmingly, retailers report gangs are more aggressive and violent than in years past. About 65% of respondents noted an increase in violence.

While many of the violent cases are taking place outside our state, in cities that entertain anti-police, pro-chaos policies, we continue working hard to ensure diligence against crime to protect our communities.

In addition to FORCE, I am assembling a task force of law enforcement, statewide prosecutors, state attorneys and retailers to help us examine the data from a secure online portal.

Making connections between similar cases, law enforcement agencies will have the ability to piece together information, giving them the tools to consolidate multiple investigations into one and increase penalties for criminals.

By using this new crime-fighting tool, we can prevent these violent crime sprees from taking root in our state and build a Stronger, Safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Moody Fights Federal Government for Answers About Illegal Immigrants Flown into Florida Under Cloak of Darkness

Attorney General Ashley Moody is suing President Joe Biden’s administration for answers about the handling of the crisis at the Southern Border—particularly how it relates to illegal immigrants being flown into Florida under the cover of night. The litigation comes after Florida prosecutors brought murder charges against an illegal immigrant from Honduras for the death of a Jacksonville man.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Federal immigration policies have real consequences on the lives of Floridians. We need to know how and why the Biden administration is choosing to catch and release illegal immigrants—sending many to live in Florida. I have exhausted all non-litigious avenues for obtaining answers, but since the Biden administration refuses to be transparent with the American people, I have no other recourse than to take this matter to court—to get answers that will better help us protect the safety and security of Floridians.” More.

VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Releases Online Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

Attorney General Ashley Moody is urging Floridians participating in Cyber Monday to take steps to protect sensitive information. Cyber Monday is one of the most popular shopping days of the year. Last year’s Cyber Monday produced the single biggest online shopping day in U.S. history, with nearly $11 billion spent—a 15.1% increase from the total revenue of Cyber Monday in 2019. As online commerce increases, so does the risk of scammers trying to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers. Attorney General Moody is asking Floridians to take steps this Cyber Monday to avoid common types of online fraud.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “We are in the thick of the holiday shopping season, and with Cyber Monday deals enticing millions of people to purchase gifts online, please be cautious before giving away personal or financial information. I am providing some quick tips for Floridians capitalizing on this occasion to purchase presents at a discount.” More.

VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Launches New Tool on Giving Tuesday to Help Protect Generous Floridians

Attorney General Ashley Moody is releasing a new consumer protection resource for donors this Giving Tuesday. Scams At A Glance: Charity Scams contains tips for avoiding scams involving fake charities and fraudulent crowdsourcing pages. Giving Tuesday is a popular day for donors to make charitable donations for the upcoming holiday season. Generous Floridians should make sure donations will be used as stated by the charitable organization, and not by a scammer exploiting the holiday season to make a dishonest dollar.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “It's Giving Tuesday, a great time to donate to help those in need, but before giving, do your research to make sure the organization seeking donations isn't a sham charity set up to steal your money or your personal information. Check out our latest Scams At A Glance for tips and resources to help you spot and avoid fake charities." More.
This week, Attorney General Ashley Moody announced a new, statewide crime-fighting tool called the Florida Organized Retail Crime Exchange. Attorney General Moody unveiled FORCE alongside Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the Florida Retail Federation, state attorneys and other law enforcement officials.

Attorney General Moody chairing the final meeting of the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking of the year. For more information on the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking, click here.

Attorney General Moody speaking at the Florida Chamber of Commerce Annual Insurance Summit in Tampa.