Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck Florida last year, I have made it my mission to protect Floridians from scams and fraud related to the health crisis. Our Rapid Response Team mobilized and began taking reports from Floridians about outrageously priced essential commodities and scams. Through quick action by my office, these items were often removed from online platforms or the prices were reduced.

This week, I announced another milestone in our efforts to deter price gouging and protect Floridians.

Since activating Florida’s Price Gouging Hotline to take reports of COVID-related price gouging, scams and deceptive business practices, our Consumer Protection Division has recovered more than $3 million for consumers. These efforts would not be possible without the help of the thousands of consumers who contacted our office.

While this is great news, our work is far from over. My Rapid Response Team continues to aggressively pursue allegations of extreme price increases and scams targeting Floridians.

If you suspect price gouging or any COVID-19 related scam, report it to my office by calling 1(866) 9NO-SCAM, visiting, or downloading our Price Gouging Reporting App—NO SCAM.

By continuing to report instances of price gouging and helping us stop scams, we will build a Stronger, Safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Moody Presents Resolution Honoring Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Troopers

Attorney General Ashley Moody presented a Cabinet resolution honoring auxiliary and reserve troopers throughout the state of Florida. Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Major Stephen Pigott, with 50 years as a volunteer service member of the FHP Auxiliary, accepted the resolution on behalf of all volunteer law enforcement officers. These volunteer members of law enforcement take as many risks as full-time officers, for no monetary benefit. Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet passed the resolution unanimously during a Cabinet meeting.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “I am proud to serve alongside Florida’s great Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary troopers. I was so inspired by Major Pigott’s 50 years of service that I wanted to present him with a Cabinet resolution honoring him and all of Florida’s auxiliary volunteers. We owe a debt of gratitude to Major Pigott and Florida’s more than 200 FHP Auxiliary troopers who have donated more than 200,000 hours of service over the last three years. They play a major role in helping build a Stronger, Safer Florida.” More.

VIDEO CONSUMER ALERT: Attorney General Moody Warns of Moving Scams as Florida Home Sales Skyrocket

Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning Floridians of a potential increase in moving scams as home sales skyrocket. According to recent reports, home sales increased 5.6% in 2020, resulting in a 14-year high in overall sales throughout the country. Florida is also experiencing an increase in new residents. With an increase in home sales comes more demand for movers, and Attorney General Moody is issuing a Consumer Alert to help consumers avoid moving-related scams.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Florida is red hot. Our low taxes, growing economy, common-sense leadership and great weather has people from all over rushing to move here. Couple all that with a booming real estate market and the potential for scams increases.

“If you are a Floridian buying a new house or moving here from out of state to enjoy our great weather and growing economy, be wary of moving scams. From refusing to provide a written estimate to requiring a large, upfront deposit or payment in cash, these are all red flags that consumers can look for to help them identify a potential moving scam and avoid falling prey." More.

VIDEO CONSUMER ALERT: Attorney General Moody Issues Tips to Protect Passwords on World Password Day

Attorney General Ashley Moody is urging Floridians to take action to guard their passwords in recognition of 2021 World Password Day. In support of this occasion, Attorney General Moody is offering tips to help Floridians strengthen passwords to guard against identity theft, hackers and fraud.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Hackers and scammers were ecstatic that COVID-19 forced millions to work remotely and engage in even more day-to-day interactions online rather than in person. The sudden surge in work from home and online education provided more opportunities for scammers to steal sensitive information. Pandemic or not, online identity thieves and hackers are always on the prowl, so it’s critical to protect your privacy by using strong passwords.” More.
This week, Attorney General Ashley Moody honored Florida Highway Patrol’s Auxiliary Troopers by presenting a resolution at a Florida Cabinet Meeting. Attorney General Moody presented the resolution to FHP Auxiliary Major Stephen Pigott, who has served for 50 years as a volunteer service member of the FHP Auxiliary. To watch the Florida Cabinet Meeting, click here.

From left to right: FHP Director Col. Gene Spaulding, Attorney General Moody, FHP Auxiliary Maj. Stephen Pigott and Millie Pigott

Attorney General Moody recognizing Office of the Attorney General’s team members’ service during the virtual 1st Quarter Service Awards ceremony.

Attorney General Moody, with her husband, Justin, speaking at the Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer Brunch.

Attorney General Moody congratulates Michelle Johnson, a Capital Appeals Victim Advocate, for being named the North Florida, Big Bend Victim Advocate Coalition’s Victim Advocate of the Year!