Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

As you may know by now, I am a huge supporter of law enforcement.

One of my top priorities as Attorney General is to foster better relationships between our law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. And as the wife of a law enforcement officer, I know first-hand the sacrifice and strong dedication that comes with putting on the badge.

This week was National Police Week—a time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and recognize all the hard work that officers endure daily to keep us safe.

I believe their incredible service is something to be commended and shared as they continue to put their lives at risk, especially now during these uncertain times during a global pandemic.

Their work to keep us safe should never be taken for granted and I’ve been amazed how active Floridians have been showing their support.

It’s refreshing to see the many acts of kindness and support between first responders and citizens fighting this crisis together.

Just two weeks ago, I issued a Back the Blue Alert to recognize the thousands of law enforcement officers, citizens and organizations in Florida supporting each other during these challenging times.

Although our in-person Back the Blue Awards ceremonies are on hold to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s still very important to honor and highlight the many positive stories that we are hearing.

Let’s continue working together to end this crisis. If you see a law enforcement officer risking their safety for ours, please tell them thank you!

Stay safe, Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
VIDEO: Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Refunds Secured and Outrageous Posts Removed

This week marks two months since Attorney General Ashley Moody activated Florida’s Price Gouging Hotline in response to the COVID-19 emergency declaration. During that time, Attorney General Moody’s Office has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds, worked with online platforms to deactivate nearly 200 posts offering items for outrageous prices and ensured information important to price gouging investigations is preserved.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “My office is dedicated to protecting consumers and that is exactly what we are doing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this crisis, we have been working diligently to secure refunds, deactivate outrageous online posts and collect information crucial to our price gouging investigations. More.

Attorney General Moody Calls for a Congressional Investigation into China’s COVID-19 Cover-Up

Attorney General Ashley Moody is calling on Congress to investigate the Chinese government’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter to the leadership of the U.S. House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, and other congressional leaders, Attorney General Moody and 17 other state attorneys general are calling for a congressional investigation into China’s role in covering up its coronavirus crisis and intentionally misleading the international community about the severity of the disease.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “What did China know, when did they know it and why did its members participate in a massive conspiracy to cover up and mislead the international community about the severity and highly contagious nature of the novel coronavirus?” More.

Attorney General Moody Leads Coalition Calling for a Federal-State Partnership to Hold China Responsible for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Attorney General Ashley Moody is calling for a federal-state partnership to develop a comprehensive plan to hold China responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. Attorney General Moody is joined by 13 state attorneys general in the call to action. The coalition sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump requesting a partnership to begin exploring all avenues to hold China responsible for the public health and economic damage caused by its withholding of information and international dissemination of misinformation as COVID-19 began to spread in China and beyond.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “It’s clear China’s actions, or lack thereof, played a role in the global spread of COVID-19 that is causing death and economic destruction here in the United States. States must work in tandem with the federal government to chart the best course of action to hold China responsible for any dissemination of misinformation and failure to mitigate this devastating virus.” More.

Attorney General Moody Calls for Changes to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to Address Devastation Caused by COVID-19

Attorney General Ashley Moody is asking Congress to modify the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as Florida and other states seek to hold China accountable for its role in the COVID-19 pandemic. Attorney General Moody today sent a letter to leaders in Congress requesting that the FSIA be amended to increase opportunities to seek damages from China, when appropriate, for public health and economic harm.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “China must be held accountable, but our current legal framework presents challenges. Modest changes to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act would clarify and support actions against China, if necessary, to seek damages from the devastation from COVID-19.” More.

VIDEO CONSUMER ALERT: New Websites Selling PPE Take Money, Don’t Deliver Gear

Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a Consumer Alert urging Floridians to be on the lookout for fraudulent websites purporting to sell Personal Protective Equipment. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, more than 19,000 new websites selling PPE emerged as COVID-19 began to spread in the U.S. There are reports of some of these sites taking orders, accepting payments and not delivering products.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This is outright fraud. It’s criminal and we will not tolerate it in Florida. Imposters are exploiting this crisis and scamming Floridians trying to purchase vital PPE to protect their health and stop the spread of COVID-19. Sadly, we have received reports of several of these fraudulent websites that purport to be associated with locations in Florida and are working with website domain hosts to have these sites removed and evidence preserved. As our investigations continue, I want to make sure Floridians proceed with caution when shopping for face masks, gloves and other gear needed to prevent contracting COVID-19.” More.