This week I spent time in South Florida meeting with employees and community members. I visited two senior centers in Sweetwater and two senior centers in West Miami to educate them on various types of fraud. I truly enjoy every opportunity I have to hear directly from the Floridians we serve and gain an understanding of their perspectives.

I also visited Kristi House in Miami. Founded in 1996, Kristi House assists children who are victims of sexual abuse and their families by providing a safe environment to heal and receive counseling. My experience at Kristi House was moving and inspiring. It is such a phenomenal organization that offers hope to innocent children coping with sexual abuse.

In closing, I note that tomorrow is Constitution Day. On September 17, 1787 our Founding Fathers signed the Constitution, not only mapping out the governmental structure of our nation, but securing our liberty and freedoms. When taking the oath of office, I made a promise to all Floridians to protect the Constitution and the rights of the citizens of Florida, and I remain committed to upholding that promise.

Pam Bondi
Protecting Floridians
Attorney General Bondi’s Office and Miami-Dade Police Department Arrest 12 for $16 Million in Mortgage Fraud

On Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office and the Miami-Dade Police Department announced that 12 people were charged for their alleged involvement in an extensive mortgage fraud scheme totaling more than $16 million. The defendants charged were part of a criminal enterprise that submitted fraudulent mortgage loan documents to mortgage companies throughout the South Florida area. The defendants submitted 10 mortgage loan applications that were funded and collectively valued at more than $16 million. The defendants will be prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

Attorney General Bondi's Office Recovers $20.2 Million for Florida From Pharmaceutical Company in Medicaid Fraud Settlement

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today that Florida, together with Texas and New York local governments, has entered into a $70 million settlement with Watson Pharmaceuticals to resolve allegations of Medicaid fraud. Allegedly, these companies knowingly set and reported false and inflated prices for medications dispensed by pharmacies and other providers who were then reimbursed by the Florida Medicaid program. Florida’s portion of the settlement is $20.2 million.