Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

The federal tax-filing deadline is just a few days away and millions of Americans will be busy this weekend preparing their taxes.

This week, I issued a Consumer Alert for those last-minute tax filers, warning them not to use public Wi-Fi when preparing or uploading sensitive information.

Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in public Wi-Fi to steal personal information through multiple schemes, but these schemes are usually avoidable if the correct precautions are taken.

Here are some tips to help protect your information online:
  • Never use public Wi-Fi to file taxes or access apps that contain personal or financial information;
  • Do not stay permanently logged in to accounts—even if an app is running in the background, a hacker could still access the information; and
  • Use a cellular connection if accessing private information in public is necessary.
To report hacking or identity theft as a result of a public Wi-Fi scam, visit or call (877) 438-4338.

By taking steps to safely prepare and file your taxes, you can avoid hackers and help us build a Stronger, Safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Hosts 2022 Law Enforcement Torch Run at State Capitol Benefiting Special Olympics Florida

Attorney General Ashley Moody hosted the 2022 Law Enforcement Torch Run, benefiting Special Olympics Florida. Roughly 300 local law enforcement officers participated in the initial two-mile run this morning in Tallahassee. Law enforcement officers and supporters joined Attorney General Moody at Florida’s Historic Capitol for the ceremony. The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the largest annual public relations and fundraising event for Special Olympics Florida, with thousands of law enforcement and Special Olympics athletes running hundreds of miles throughout the state.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “I am excited to host the 2022 Law Enforcement Torch Run and back our great officers as they continue to support Special Olympics Florida on their 50th anniversary. Law enforcement officers are always giving back, and the Torch Run is just another great example of their dedication and commitment to serving others. Through this statewide event, we can promote and support the Special Olympics and provide these athletes an opportunity to shine through physical competition and exercise.”

Attorney General Moody, Sheriff Judd and FDLE Dismantle Bloods-Affiliated Sex Money Murder Gang Operating in Florida

Attorney General Ashley Moody, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced the arrests of 13 gang leaders who are part of the Bloods-affiliated Sex Money Murder gang. All but two of the defendants belong to the Florida section of the SMM gang. One of those arrested holds a state-level leadership position in the North Carolina section of SMM. The defendants face a wide array of charges stemming from gang activity that included a complex scheme to deal drugs in state prisons. Charges include racketeering, directing the activities of a criminal gang, witness tampering and conspiracy to commit murder.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This massive law enforcement operation eliminated the main state leadership of a notorious, nationwide gang operating across Florida. Our law enforcement heroes put in countless hours and risked their own safety to take down gangsters who demonstrated a complete lack of respect for human life. Because of these officers and my Statewide Prosecutors, we are all safer, and their actions will have far-reaching, positive implications on communities across the state.” More.

Attorney General Moody Announces Arrests of 24 Members of a Drug Related Enterprise

Attorney General Ashley Moody is announcing the arrests of 24 members of a drug-related enterprise. The cooperative efforts of the groups investigating found, through numerous search warrants and undercover purchases, multiple substances of fentanyl and cocaine were identified at the locations. Eliminating these illicit drugs from our streets will save thousands of lives since just one pill of fentanyl can kill.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This drug trafficking organization sold illicit pills, power and capsules containing the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl. They marketed the drugs as heroin and it is highly likely that users were clueless about what they were buying. Just one pill laced with fentanyl can kill, and I have no doubt that this joint effort involving DEA, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and my Statewide Prosecutors will save lives as we take these drugs off our streets and throw the poison peddlers behind bars.” More.

Attorney General Moody is Taking Legal Action to Prevent the Mass Influx of Immigrants at Nation’s Southwest Border

During the nation’s worst border crisis in decades, the Biden administration is planning to rescind the Title 42 Order, which would spur mass immigration at the U.S. southwest border and overwhelm federal authorities. Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking action to keep the Title 42 Order in place. Attorney General Moody is joined by 20 other attorneys general in filing an amended complaint to a previous action filed by Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri.

Title 42 Order is a rule issued during the COVID-19 pandemic that allows border agents to quickly expel migrants attempting to enter the U.S. who traveled from a country where a communicable disease is present. Earlier this month, President Joe Biden announced plans to terminate the Title 42 Order effective May 23. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that there might already be 25,000 migrants waiting in shelters just south of the border who will seek to enter the U.S. once the Order is no longer in effect. There are also projections that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents could see up to 18,000 migrants a day after the Order is terminated.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Ending Title 42 would be a disaster and further the chaos at the southwest border that is making it easier for drug cartels and human smugglers to advance their illicit practices in our country. As Attorney General of the State of Florida, I am fighting back against all of President Biden’s unlawful immigration policies in an effort to force his administration to do its job and protect Americans.”

BACK THE BLUE ALERT: Attorney General Moody Presents Back the Blue Award to Corporal Who Adopted Child Victim of Heinous Crime

Attorney General Ashley Moody presented a Back the Blue Award to Corporal Mike Blair of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. In March 2018, Corporal Blair, working as a homicide detective for HCSO, responded to a call about a family being murdered by their father. The son, Ronnie, escaped despite being stabbed and burned during his father's rampage. Drawn to the child’s courage, Corporal Blair’s family adopted Ronnie and is now raising him as their own.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “It’s situations like this that not only define who you are as an officer, but who you are as a human being. Corporal Blair has held many titles throughout his career, but I believe one of the most impressive titles he has earned is father. Corporal Blair is a hero, and I cannot thank him enough for his service to Florida and especially to his son Ronnie.” More.
This week, Attorney General Ashley Moody hosted the 2022 Law Enforcement Torch Run outside the Florida Capitol.

Office of the Attorney General staff participating in the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Forty-five members of the office took part in the two-mile race benefiting Special Olympics Florida.

Attorney General Moody, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announcing the arrests of more than 40 members of the Sex Money Murder gang in Florida.

Attorney General Moody presenting a Back the Blue Award to Corporal Mike Blair of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Corporal Blair adopted a child victim named Ronnie who was left parentless after escaping a heinous crime. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister and Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis joined Attorney General Moody in recognizing Corporal Blair.

Attorney General Moody speaking at a Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association luncheon recognizing the contributions of administrative assistants in law enforcement agencies.