Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

Hurricane Dorian is a deadly storm, and thankfully Florida was spared a direct hit. But sadly, our friends in the Bahamas have experienced loss and devastation. Parts of the Bahamas were destroyed as Dorian hovered over the chain of islands for two days—lives were lost, and entire neighborhoods leveled.

My heart breaks for the Bahamians and Floridians are already trying to help. Unfortunately, when we see catastrophic events like these, we also see scammers rush in to prey on the good intentions of generous Floridians.

For those who plan to help the Bahamas-restoration efforts by donating, please take steps to ensure your donation is going to a legitimate charity.

You can do this by:
  • Being proactive and donating to a reputable charity now, rather than waiting to be solicited;
  • Avoid solicitors using high-pressure tactics to persuade you to give;
  • Determine whether a charity is legitimate by visiting; and
  • Check to see what percentage of each donation goes to overhead and administrative costs.
Finally, if you suspect charity fraud, please help us in our efforts by calling (866) 9NO-SCAM or by visiting

By working together to stop charity fraud and ensuring donations go to help those suffering, we not only help our neighbors in the Bahamas, we can build a stronger, safer Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
Price Gouging Update: Consumers Help Attorney General Prevent Price Gouging and Secure Refunds

Attorney General Ashley Moody issued an update on efforts to prevent price gouging during Hurricane Dorian. Following the activation of the Attorney General’s Price Gouging Hotline on Aug. 28, consumers submitted more than 2,900 reports of alleged price gouging—more than 700 of these submitted via the new reporting app NO SCAM. Attorney General Moody quickly dispatched a Rapid Response Team of investigators and attorneys to respond to allegations in real-time.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “I want to thank Floridians for taking the time to alert us to possible price gouging situations. Because of the information they provided, our Rapid Response Team was able to quickly resolve many pricing issues as they arose, and in many cases, secure refunds for consumers on the spot. The NO SCAM app also proved to be an extremely useful tool as we tried to prevent price gouging.

Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Arrests Individual for Abusing a Disabled Adult

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office arrested an employee of a Tallahassee developmental center for abusing a disabled adult. Latessa C. Smith, 25, served as a direct support professional at the center. According to the investigation, Smith retrieved a belt from a closet and struck a disabled adult victim. The victim allegedly received welts on the face and abdomen.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “It is absolutely unconscionable that someone would use their position of trust to victimize and abuse those disabled individuals in their care. I am proud of my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigators and law enforcement who made sure this person was put behind bars.”
This week, as Hurricane Dorian threatened Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody stayed in constant communication with law enforcement, first responders and emergency managers stationed at the State Emergency Operations Center.

Attorney General Moody with statewide law enforcement at one of the many Dorian law enforcement briefings. Attorney General Moody is extremely grateful for the hard work and sacrifice of Florida law enforcement officers throughout the storm.

Attorney General Moody on board one of the Florida Highway Patrol’s Mobile Command Centers. FHP Mobile Command Centers are always on standby to be sent where Floridians need them most.

Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Moody and State Troopers at the FHP Mobile Command Center stationed at the State EOC for Dorian. Attorney General Moody thanks Governor DeSantis for his leadership throughout the declared State of Emergency.

Attorney General Moody at the FHP EOC in Tallahassee. The FHP EOC was at a Level One activation as Dorian threatened Florida’s east coast, and troopers manned the center around the clock.

Attorney General Moody speaking to statewide media outside the FHP EOC. Updating the media with the latest information during a State of Emergency is vital to help keep Floridians safe.

Attorney General Moody meeting with Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson at the State Capitol to discuss mental health and public safety.