Attorney General Moody's Week In Review

This week, we warned Floridians about the dangers of drinking and driving, and debunked a few myths surrounding impaired driving.

Impaired driving is a serious threat to the safety of everyone on our roadways. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is reporting more than 5,000 crashes due to driving under the influence of drugs and-or alcohol this year alone.

These crashes resulted in nearly 600 fatalities, and sadly, these numbers are expected to increase during the holiday season—that is why December is recognized as Impaired Driving Awareness Month.

Some make excuses to drive while intoxicated. They may think they’re okay to get behind the wheel when they are really putting themselves and everyone around them in danger.

Myths about driving safely under the influence abound, but the truth is, if you are relying on a myth or quick cure to drive—then you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Instead, arm yourself with the facts and make a plan to avoid ending up in a dangerous situation this holiday season.

We have listed some common misconceptions people may rely on to justifying drinking and driving, as well as factual information about this dangerous criminal behavior.

Go to for more information and as always, Stay Safe, Florida.
Ashley Moody
Protecting Floridians
VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Uncovers New Evidence of Biden’s Intentional Destruction of Public-Safety Immigration Measures

Attorney General Ashley Moody is revealing new evidence of President Joe Biden’s intentional destruction of the nation’s immigration system. Through legal efforts to stop the border crisis, Florida obtained U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement training videos showing that ICE officials are fighting a losing battle against illegal immigration because of Biden’s destructive policies.

The intentional tearing down of national safeguards will make it nearly impossible for the federal government to stop the possible invasion as experts predict as many as 14,000 immigrants a day may start pouring across the U.S. Southwest Border if Title 42 expires. While the administration may try to blame the expiration of Title 42 for the invasion, it is clear the Biden administration created this coming crisis through years of methodical destruction of public-safety immigration structures. The expiration of Title 42 would reveal just how vulnerable Biden’s presidency has left the country.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Since day one of his administration, President Biden has purposefully broken down the structure and law enforcement at our nation’s border with Mexico—all while confusing and misleading the nation about this devious, reckless scheme. If Title 42 ends, the administration may blame the mass surge of unvetted migrants on this rule’s remission, but don’t be fooled. They’re playing fast and loose with the lives of Americans to advance an absurd political agenda.

“As our litigation uncovered, this has been this administration’s plan all along. They’ve let in and lost track of hundreds of thousands of inadmissible immigrants, and it will get worse if Title 42 expires. We will continue our litigation efforts to force Biden to follow the law and try to mitigate this national disaster.” More.

Attorney General Moody Calls on Biden to Restore Drug Czar to Cabinet-Level Post

As record amounts of fentanyl continue to flood across the U.S. Southwest Border and fuel the deadly opioid crisis, Attorney General Ashley Moody is calling on President Joe Biden to restore the Director for the Office of the National Drug Control Policy position to a cabinet-level post. This comes as Title 42 is set to expire this week, which will fuel a massive border surge and allow even more deadly fentanyl to flood into the country.

Since President Biden took office, authorities seized nearly 23,000 pounds of the deadly drug, enough to kill the entire U.S. population more than 15 times over. Drug overdose deaths are also skyrocketing—more than 100,000 occurred last year alone. As Biden keeps refusing to take the opioid crisis seriously and secure the border, others should be empowered to protect the American people. Attorney General Moody is urging the president to elevate the ONDCP Director position to bring more accountability and expand the office’s flexibility to combat illicit fentanyl and save lives.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “The opioid crisis, fueled by illicit fentanyl from Mexico, continues to rage, killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. With Title 42 set to expire this week, we can only imagine how much more fentanyl will make it across the border under the cover of a massive migration surge. I am demanding that the president take this crisis seriously, and work to stop the large amounts of this deadly drug flooding into our country, including restoring the nation’s drug czar position back to a cabinet post.” More.

Attorney General Moody’s Statewide Prosecutors Secure Prison Sentences for Drug Traffickers Running a Pill Press Operation

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution secured prison sentences for drug traffickers running a pill press operation. Jeffrey Williams, and accomplice Charice Williams, trafficked multiple illicit substances, such as phenethylamines, cocaine and methamphetamine. Jeffrey Williams is also guilty of tampering with evidence, maintaining a drug house, fleeing from authorities, possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and multiple other criminal acts.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Counterfeit pills are a growing problem in this country, and even though these traffickers did not face charges related to illicit fentanyl, they still posed a major threat to the public. I am thankful for all the hard work by my Statewide Prosecutors and law enforcement to ensure these drug traffickers are behind bars where they belong—unable to harm Floridians.” More.

Attorney General Moody’s Office Charges Man for Bilking Seniors with Streaming Service Investment Scheme

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution is charging a man with felony fraud and elderly exploitation counts for deceiving more than 300 victims, many of whom are seniors, into investing in a phony streaming-service company. According to a joint Florida Office of Financial Regulation and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Anthony Hernandez operated a criminal-fraud scheme defrauding victims by advertising investment opportunities in a streaming-service company, Oi2Go, on television and social media. Over the course of 13 months, Hernandez bilked more than $1.6 million from victims.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “This defendant placed misleading advertisements on television and social media, tricking victims, including many seniors, into believing that their investment would bring back big returns. Instead, the defendant used their money to pay personal expenses. Working with state and federal partners, we have shut down this devious investment scheme and will hold the defendant accountable in court.” More.

Attorney General Moody Secures Millions Following Antitrust Investigation into Automotive Parts Manufacturers Price Fixing Allegations

Attorney General Ashley Moody secured more than $13 million in an antitrust case against major automotive parts manufacturers. The funds come at the conclusion of an investigation against more than 60 manufacturers, including Hitachi, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric. The investigation into the companies’ conduct found evidence of the manufacturers fixing prices and rigging contract bids. As a result of the companies’ actions, public entities paid more for vehicles needed for public services, including police cruisers.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “These automotive parts manufacturers set high prices and rigged contract bids, causing local and our state governments to spend more for vehicles needed for essential public services, like police cruisers. I’m proud to announce the conclusion of our investigation into these companies’ conduct and secure more than $13 million for the entities around the state that were affected.” More.

Attorney General Moody Secures Relief for Consumers from Pet Store Selling Sick Puppies

Attorney General Ashley Moody has secured monetary relief for consumers who were reportedly deceived by a pet store that sold sick or dying puppies. A consumer protection investigation against Hoof’s Pets, Inc., doing business as Petland Orlando East and Petland Waterford Lakes, revealed consumer complaints alleging Petland misrepresented the health and quality of the puppies sold, dishonored pet warranties and violated parts of Florida’s Pet Lemon Law. Following Attorney General Moody’s action, Petland paid more than $123,000 in refunds to consumers. The announcement confirms an additional $85,000 in monetary relief for consumers—bringing the total to more than $200,000.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “We are securing financial relief for Floridians who purchased sick and dying puppies when they thought they were bringing home a healthy family pet. I am glad that through this action my Consumer Protection Division was able to obtain thousands of dollars for harmed consumers, as well as injunctive relief to prevent these defendants from deceiving others in the future.”
This week, the Florida Government Bar Association named Medicaid Fraud Control Unity Deputy Director of Civil Enforcement Cedell Ian Garland the Government Attorney of the Year. This award recognizes an exemplary government attorney who demonstrates professionalism in the practice of law and performs above and beyond the call of duty. Garland’s instrumental work as a co-leader in a multistate case recovered nearly $234 million for the Medicaid program—almost $15 million secured for Florida Medicaid. Congratulations, Ian!