Attorney General Bondi's Weekly Briefing

I was in Washington D.C. this week as President Donald J. Trump declared a national public health emergency to bolster efforts to combat the opioid epidemic killing Americans. An estimated 142 Americans die every day from opioid use.

I have dedicated my entire career to prosecuting drug traffickers and removing dangerous drugs from our communities—first as a state prosecutor and for the past seven years as your attorney general.

During that time, I have seen the types of drugs sold on our streets become more potent and deadly. Today heroin is often mixed with fentanyl and taking this deadly drug cocktail just one time can prove fatal.

That is why we are taking aggressive action against drug traffickers. Last legislative session we changed state law to give us more tools to go after fentanyl dealers, and we continue to partner with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to bust drug smuggling rings bringing fentanyl into Florida.

Additionally, working with attorneys general in other states, we are investigating opioid manufactures and distributors for any role they may have played in this national epidemic. I am also serving on the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis to develop a comprehensive plan to help increase efforts.

In closing, I want to thank President Trump and Governor Rick Scott for their leadership combating this crisis. The President's emergency declaration will enhance our ongoing efforts to fight drug abuse and save lives.
Pam Bondi
Protecting Floridians

Attorney General Bondi Encourages Floridians to Participate in Drug Take Back Day Tomorrow

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Pam Bondi is urging Floridians to participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Drug Take-Backs allow the public to take expired or no longer needed prescription drugs to local drop-off points for proper disposal.

“Responsibly disposing of unnecessary prescriptions is an easy way to help us combat the national opioid epidemic,” said Attorney General Bondi. “Keeping expired drugs around the house can pose a danger to children and may tempt a friend or relative struggling with addiction. Prevention is the best way to stop drug abuse, and by participating in Drug Take Back Day, Floridians can do their part to help fight this crisis and save lives.”

Prescription drugs should be disposed of responsibly and never flushed down the toilet—as some medications cannot be completely removed by treatment systems and may end up in drinking water, lakes and streams.

The Drug Enforcement Administration conducts Drug Take-Backs in conjunction with state and local law enforcement. Floridians can find nearby participating locations by clicking here.

Attorney General’s Office Files Lawsuit Against Air Conditioning Marketing and Sales Company

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office is taking action against a Palm Beach County sales and marketing company and its owners for making false promises to customers buying air conditioning units. Complete Eco Home Services LLC f/d/b/a The Green Club Home Services LLC and its owners allegedly induced customers, often targeting the elderly and low-income consumers, to purchase air conditioning units at no cost or for minimal monthly installment payments. The Attorney General’s Office is seeking refunds for Florida consumers of more than $200,000.

“Taking advantage of seniors trying to save money on their utility bills just to make ends meet is immoral—we will not allow anyone to get away with deceiving our seniors to make a quick buck,” said Attorney General Bondi.

$220 Million Settlement with Bank for Manipulating Interest Rates

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced a $220 million multistate settlement with Deutsche Bank for fraudulent conduct involving the manipulation of LIBOR. LIBOR is a benchmark interest rate that affects financial instruments worth trillions of dollars and has a widespread effect on global markets and consumers. By manipulating LIBOR, Deutsche Bank defrauded government entities and not-for-profit organizations in Florida and throughout the U.S. out of millions of dollars.

The investigation, conducted by a working group of 45 state attorneys general, revealed that Deutsche Bank manipulated LIBOR in a number of ways. Deutsche Bank employees improperly made internal requests for LIBOR submissions to benefit Deutsche Bank’s trading positions.


Attorney General Bondi welcoming attendees from across the country to the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute training in St. Petersburg. NAGTRI is the research and training arm of the National Association of Attorneys General. For more information about NAGTRI, click here.

Attorney General Bondi attended President Donald J. Trump’s announcement declaring a national public health emergency in response to the national opioid epidemic. To watch the announcement at the White House, click here.

First Lady Melania Trump at the White House speaking about the opioid crisis. Standing with the First Lady in the front row is former New York Yankee Mariano Rivera. Rivera is a close friend of the Attorney General.