Active Public Consumer-Related Investigation
The case file cited below relates to a civil -- not a criminal -- investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.

Case Number: L11-3-1079

Subject of investigation:

Vacuvent Franchising, Inc.; Vacuvent, Inc.; Coastal Environmental LLC d/b/a Vacuvent; and Home Restorations and Refurbishment, Inc. d/b/a Vacavent

Subject's address:

13246 U.S. Highway 1, Sebastian, FL 32958

Subject's business:

Environmental - Duct Cleaning

Allegation or issue being investigated:
501.204, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices. Business is alleged to utilize bait and switch tactics, offering a cleaning of 5 vents for a very small price, often $25.00. Once there, the business upsells consumers, often selling them services for $1000’s. Consumers then allege the company does not deliver on many of the services or products, and that business does not honor its advertised 10-day refund policy.

AG unit handling case:

Economic Crimes Division in West Palm Beach, Florida

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