Historical Advisory Legal Opinions
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Some of the historical opinions were omitted from the Attorney General's formal collection and were not retained pursuant to the agency's document retention plan.

52-317 01/29/2015
AGO 73-385 01/20/2015 When Notice Of Proposed Ordinance Must Be Publish
AGO 49-279 @ p.588 12/18/2014 Violations Of Certain Commercial Restrictions
AGO 49-46 @ p.366 11/14/2014 Road No. 16-Excluded From Jurisdiction-Within Nav
AGO 49-45 @ p.566 11/14/2014 Marriage - Trans-Pacific Telephone - Invalid
AGO 49-13 @ p.52 11/06/2014 Madison County-Prosecuting Attorney-Salary-Fees -
INFORMAL 02/05/1996 Whether The City May Delegate To City S
INFORMAL 09/05/1995 Personnel Records
INFORMAL 06/09/1995 "State Revenue", Article Vii, S.1(E) Fl
INFORMAL 07/20/1994 Retirement Option; Utility Board Of Key
INFORMAL 03/14/1994 Government In The Sunshine Law
INFORMAL 08/25/1993 City's Authority To Change The Criteria
INFORMAL 08/05/1993 Individuals Referred To In F.S. S.415.0
INFORMAL 08/02/1993 Applicability Of The Sunshine Law To Th
INFORMAL 06/14/1993 Government In The Sunshine Law
INFORMAL 09/15/1992 Govenment In The Sunshine Law
INFORMAL 04/22/1992 Criteria For Publication Of Legal Notic
INFORMAL 08/02/1991 Retention Policies For Reocrds Of The J
INFORMAL 04/04/1991 County Library
INFORMAL 06/27/1990 Government In The Sunshine Law
INFORMAL 05/21/1990 Public Records Law: Broward County Envi
INFORMAL 06/07/1989 Government In The Sunshine Law-Special
INFORMAL 04/25/1989 Public Records-Personnel Records-Law En
INFORMAL 06/02/1988 Local Govenment Code Enforcement Boards
INFORMAL 05/23/1988 Construing A Proposed Lease-Purchase Ag
INFORMAL 11/18/1987 Applicability Of Ss.189.005 And 286.011
INFORMAL 05/19/1987 Government In The Sunshine Law-Municipa
INFORMAL 05/07/1987 Corporations-- Real Estate
INFORMAL 10/08/1982 Counties-Elections
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