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Slip Opinions Cited by AG Legal Alerts

CAUTION: A slip opinion may or may not reflect the exact contents of the opinion in its final published form.
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Alert NumberIssuedStyle/jurisdiction
10045-(2006)10/25/2006Florida Department of Agriculture, et al., v. In re: Citrus Canker Litigation (3rd DCA)
10044-(2006)10/26/2006Florida Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Co. v. Cox (1st DCA)
10043-(2006)10/20/2006Gannett Company, Inc., etc., v. Anderson (1st DCA)
10042-(2006)10/26/2006Patton v. Kera Technology, Inc. (Florida Supreme Court)
10041-(2006)10/18/2006Fricano v. State (4th DCA)
10040-(2006)10/18/2006Allen v. State (4th DCA)
10039-(2006)10/18/2006Stennes v. State (4th DCA)
10038-(2006)10/18/2006Fondura vs. State (3rd DCA)
10037-(2006)10/18/2006State v. Roy (3rd DCA)
10036-(2006)10/20/2006Sluyter v. State (2nd DCA)
10035-(2006)10/20/2006State v. Green (2nd DCA)
10034-(2006)10/18/2006Brown v. State (1st DCA)
10033-(2006)10/18/2006City of Hollywood v. Witt (4th DCA)
10032-(2006)10/18/2006Puig v. Florida Engineers Management Corp. (3rd DCA)
10031-(2006)10/18/2006Noughton v. Hooker, et al. (2nd DCA)
10030-(2006)10/18/2006Deutsch v. Heritage Automotive Enterprises (1st DCA)
10029-(2006)10/16/2006C.P. v. Leon County School Board (11th U.S. Cir. Court)
10028-(2006)10/13/2006J.M. v. State (5th DCA)
10027-(2006)10/11/2006Gilchrist v. State (4th DCA)
10026-(2006)10/11/2006Jenkins v. State (2nd DCA)
10025-(2006)10/11/2006Stokes v. State (2nd DCA)
10024-(2006)10/11/2006Burgos v. State (1st DCA)
10023-(2006)10/11/2006Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles v. Maggert (1st DCA)
10022-(2006)10/11/2006Sizemore v. State (1st DCA)
10021-(2006)10/06/2006Dileo v. Dileo (5th DCA)
10020-(2006)10/06/2006Winburn v. Earl’s Well Drilling & Pump Service (5th DCA)
10019-(2006)10/05/2006J.M. v. Department of Children and Families (5th DCA)
10018-(2006)09/29/2006Watson v. Brevard County Clerk of the Circuit Court, et al. (5th DCA)
10017-(2006)10/11/2006Franks v. Unemployment Appeals Commission and Price Hamilton & Price Chartered (2nd DCA)
10016-(2006)10/06/2006Blake v. State (5th DCA)

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