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Slip Opinions Cited by AG Legal Alerts

CAUTION: A slip opinion may or may not reflect the exact contents of the opinion in its final published form.
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Alert NumberIssuedStyle/jurisdiction
12020-(2006)12/08/2006Haynes v. State (5th DCA)
12019-(2006)12/08/2006Rivera v. State (5th DCA)
12018-(2006)12/01/2006Antoury v. State (5th DCA)
12017-(2006)12/07/2006B.M. v. State (4th DCA)
12016-(2006)12/06/2006Madera v. State (4th DCA)
12015-(2006)12/06/2006D.M., et al., v. Dobuler, et al. (3rd DCA)
12014-(2006)12/06/2006Barth v. State (2nd DCA)
12013-(2006)12/08/2006Green v. State (1st DCA)
12012-(2006)12/05/2006Moore v. State (1st DCA)
12011-(2006)12/07/2006In re: Amendments to Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.851 and 3.590 (Florida Supreme Court)
12010-(2006)12/01/2006Mullins v. Florida Department of Law Enforcement (5th DCA)
12009-(2006)12/06/2006Rath, et al., v. Network Marketing, L.C., et al. (4th DCA)
12008-(2006)12/06/2006Collier, et al., v. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (4th DCA)
12007-(2006)11/29/2006Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc., v. Ault (4th DCA)
12006-(2006)11/29/2006Young v. Palm Beach County School Board (4th DCA)
12005-(2006)12/06/2006Hadi v. Cordero, et al. (3rd DCA)
12004-(2006)12/01/2006Mendez v. Department of Health (1st DCA)
12003-(2006)12/01/2006Young v. Department of Education (1st DCA)
12002-(2006)12/07/2006Inquiry Concerning a Judge, re: Gregory P. Holder (Florida Supreme Court)
12001-(2006)12/07/2006Inquiry Concerning Judge John R. Sloop (Florida Supreme Court)
10054-(2006)10/27/2006Shepard v. State (5th DCA)
10053-(2006)10/25/2006Snell v. State (4th DCA)
10052-(2006)10/25/2006Dempsey v. State (4th DCA)
10051-(2006)10/27/2006Coverdale v. State (2nd DCA)
10050-(2006)10/27/2006Slicker vs. State (2nd DCA)
10049-(2006)10/25/2006McGlade v. State (2nd DCA)
10048-(2006)10/30/2006Simmons v. State (1st DCA)
10047-(2006)10/26/2006State v. Iseley (Florida Supreme Court)
10046-(2006)10/25/2006Brown v. Jenne, et al. (4th DCA)
10045-(2006)10/25/2006Florida Department of Agriculture, et al., v. In re: Citrus Canker Litigation (3rd DCA)

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