Attorney General's Advisory Legal Opinions
AGO 2018-03 06/01/2018 Housing Finance Authority funding renovations
AGO 2018-02 05/31/2018 Value adjustment board and substantial completion
AGO 2018-01 01/25/2018 Renewal of ad valorem tax by referendum or resolution
AGO 2017-08 11/30/2017 Withdrawal from regional planning council
AGO 2017-07 11/22/2017 Contraband Forfeiture Fund
AGO 2017-06 11/22/2017 Funding transit system with tourist development tax
AGO 2017-05 11/22/2017 Disclosure of exempt records by property appraiser
AGO 2017-04 08/14/2017 Special District Group Health Insurance
AGO 2017-03 04/04/2017 Municipal Charter Amendment
AGO 2017-02 03/09/2017 Hybrid Process to select Construction Manager

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