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AG Link provides an Internet-enabled port for State of Florida general counsels and their staffs to access certain Lotus Notes resources on the AG's internal network and is intended to offer government attorneys additional legal research tools and operational support. Clicking an entry in the menu to the left will route you to the named resource.

Legal Alerts

Attorney General Opinions

  • AGO 2017-04 08/14/2017 Special District Group Health Insurance
  • AGO 2017-03 04/04/2017 Municipal Charter Amendment
  • AGO 2017-02 03/09/2017 Hybrid Process to select Construction Manager
  • AGO 2017-01 03/09/2017 Special Magistrate Code Enforcement Hearings
  • AGO 2016-18 12/05/2016 Tourist Development Tax Expenditures

State Contracts
The State's Computer Assisted Legal Research contract (Westlaw/Lexis), negotiated annually by the Department of Management Services and this office, can potentially cut your legal research expenses. A viewable copy is available courtesy of DMS.

The State Contract for Court Reporting Services, negotiated by the Office of the Attorney General on behalf of all state agencies, to reduce the cost of court reporting services. View a copy of this contract.

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