Office of the Attorney General of Florida

Most Wanted Fugitive

Captured 03/09/2009

Name: Chambers, Fabian A

DOB: 09/15/1971

B/M 5'08"

Statewide Prosecution: Narcotics

Captured Information:

captured during a routine traffic stop in Orlando during the early morning hours of 03/09/2009

Wanted for:

Violation of Probation on 2 Counts of Trafficking in Cocaine, 28 grams or more, and a new charge of Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine 400 grams or more.

Last known address:
Possibly in Atlanta, GA area

Alias(es): Fay Cambers, Fabian Antonio Chambers, Fabian Antonio Chambers, Sr., Christopher Toser

Additional Information:

Faces up to 90 years in prison upon capture and conviction. Tattoos: Right Arm: Dragon/Joker; Right Leg: Taz Devil; Left Chest: Heart/Fabian & Tierra. 227 lbs; Black Hair, Brown Eyes