Office of the Attorney General of Florida

Most Wanted Fugitive

Captured 05/01/2012

Name: Cupid, Elijah

DOB: 12/08/1957


Statewide Prosecution: RICO

Captured Information:

Arrested in Miami-Dade County.

Wanted for:

RICO, Conspiracy to Commit RICO, 4cts Grand Theft 1st degree; 5 cts Grand Theft 2nd degree; 2 cts Grand Theft 3rd degree; 3 cts Uttering Worthless Bank Checks; 1 ct 2nd degree Petit Theft, 1 ct Violation of Probation

Last known address:
Last Known Address: 340 NW 146 Street, North Miami, FL

Alias(es): David Larry; William Slaughter; Cupid Elijah; Aaron Baptiste; Christopher Baptiste; Michael Cooper; Alexis Cupid; Larry David; Daniel Hanson; Ray Joseph; Edward M. Martin; Edward Michael Martin; Ian E. Meyers; Terrence V. Patterson; Steve Richard; Fitxroy Richardson; Tyrone M. Robertson; Willamaka Woolford; Mike, Ed, Ben, Larry David, Benoit Jacobs. Target uses other aliases unknown yet. Target also uses the DOB 4/18/69

Additional Information:

Statewide Prosecution Charges: 1 Ct 1st Degree RICO 1 Ct 1st Degree Conspiracy to Commit RICO 4 Cts 1st Degree Grand Theft 4 Cts 2nd Degree Grand Theft Miami-Dade County Charges: 1 Ct. 3rd degree Grand Theft 3 Cts Uttering worthless bank checks 1 Ct 3rd Degree Grand Theft 1ct 2nd Degree Petit Theft Broward County Charges: 1ct 2nd Degree Grand Theft