Consumer Protection Division

Case NumberSubject
L12-3-1032 A1 Marketing Unlimited Complaint
L13-3-1041 Access Travel Network Complaint
L13-3-1041 Access Travel Network Consent Judgment and Monetary Judgment
L09-3-1206 American Marketing Group and Gino Marquez Summary Judgment
L10-3-1182 Berkshire Acquisitions Final Judgment
L10-3-1184 Blue Green AVC
L13-3-1030 BML Marketing Complaint
L10-3-1189 Century Marketing Group AVC
L10-3-1164 CHL Marketing, GMAC Timeshare Division AVC
L12-3-1037 CNC Ventures/Timeshare Lifestyle AVC
L10-3-1126 Eclipse Property Solutions AVC
L10-3-1134 First Choice Advocates/Hyper Group AVC
L14-3-1017 Five Star Accommodations/G.A.M.J Enterprises AVC
L10-3-1068 Global Resort Management Stipulated Settlement Agreement
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