Consumer Protection Division

Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1222 411 Home Help AVC
L08-3-1016 A Realty Rx Final Judgment
L09-3-1216 America's Mortgage Professionals AVC
L09-3-1095 American Home Solutions Group Final Summary Judgment
L09-3-1125 Baker, Kennedy and Associates Consent Judgment
L11-3-1080 Coast to Coast Home Solutions AVC
L09-3-1214 Direct Mortgage Solutions AVC
L12-3-1076 Fidelity Land Trust Judgment
L08-3-1246 FMA Servicing Stipulated Final Order
L10-3-1013 Foreclosure Rescue Services Complaint
L11-3-1006 Home Owner Protection Economics Consent Judgment
L09-3-1185 Keep Your Property Support Services Consent Judgment
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young/ Bridget Grant Consent Judgment
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young/ Michael Botton Consent Judgment
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