Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L11-3-1007 United Financial Systems Complaint
L11-3-1007 United Financial Systems Final Judgment
L11-3-1007 United Financial Systems Satisfaction of Judgment
L10-3-1092 United Marketing Group AVC
L10-3-1165 United Resort Marketing AVC
L10-3-1069 United Steel Building Complaint
L10-3-1069 United Steel Building Consent Judgment
L16-3-1042 Upline d/b/a 1 Van Lines Complaint
L19-3-1353 Urbieta Store Operations AVC
L15-3-1172 US Passport AVC
L15-3-1189 USA Discounters Order Approving Settlement
L15-3-1189 USA Discounters, Ltd Settlement Agreement
L13-3-1134 U.S. Metal Buildings Corporation AVC
L09-3-1092 U.S. Mitigators Summary Judgment
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