Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L15-3-1208 Aspire Sales, LLC AVC
L14-3-1089 Asset Management Group AVC
L07-3-1082 Assurity Financial Services Consent Judgment
L09-3-1223 Atlantic Pacific Consulting AVC
L13-3-1029 AT&T Mobility AVC
L08-3-1010 AT&T Mobility Roadside AVC
04-3-1038, 04-3-1056, 04-9-1054 AT&T Mobility, LLC - Cramming Settlement
L13-3-1129 AT&T Mobility, LLC (Cramming) AVC
L09-3-1156 AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards AVC
L10-3-1084 Auto Relief Group Amended Complaint
L10-3-1084 Auto Relief Group Consent Judgment
L17-3-1103 AVC Days Inn and Suites Fort Myers, V. Patel
L17-3-1108 AVC GJV Motel Inn, Inc.
L13-3-1092 AVC Northwest Window Tint, Inc.
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