Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L14-3-1056 Berger Law Group - DiGirolamo Judgment
L14-3-1056 Berger Law Group - Ian Berger and David Friedman Judgment
L14-3-1056 Berger Law Group/Geoffrey Broderick Final Judgment
L10-3-1182 Berkshire Acquisitions Final Judgment
L13-3-1071 Beverly Hills Tinting AVC
L11-3-1066 AVC
L11-3-1066 Complaint
L17-3-1125 Big Girls' Bras AVC
L13-3-1044 Biomax Corp AVC
L16-3-1015 Bizmote AVC
L16-3-1027 BKG Pets d/b/a Petland Sarasota AVC
L10-3-1212 Black Stallion Communications/ AVC
L15-3-1202 Blinds Blinds, Inc. Complaint
L15-3-1202 Blinds Blinds, Inc. Judgment
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