Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1206 American Marketing Group and Jeffrey George Summary Judgment
L09-3-1206 American Marketing Group Complaint
L10-3-1003 Amerigas Propane Limited Partnership AVC
L13-3-1019 Amgen Complaint
L13-3-1019 Amgen Consent Judgment
L09-3-1197 Anderson Financial Network AVC
L10-3-1196 Argosy University Amended Complaint
L14-3-1060 Arrigo Enterprises AVC
L12-3-1082 Arrow Outlet, LLC Settlement
L10-3-1219 Arvitas AVC
L14-3-1102 ASAP Tech Help Complaint
L14-3-1102 ASAP Tech Help Consent Judgment
L18-3-1205 Ashley Katz AVC
L15-3-1208 Aspire Sales, LLC AVC
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