Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L05-3-1040 New Leaf Associates Final Judgment
L12-3-1019 Newmax Media AVC
L11-3-1088 NewOpp Enterprises Amended Complaint
L11-3-1088 NewOpp Enterprises Consent Judgment
L15-3-1185 Nikolas, LLC Complaint
L15-3-1185 Nikolas, LLC Consent Judgment
L08-3-1200 No Delay Enterprises Final Judgment
L08-3-1200 NoDelay Enterprises Complaint
L11-3-1077 North Florida Lubes, Inc. AVC
L08-3-1049 Norwegian Cruise Line 2014 Amendment to AVC
L12-3-1079 NuAge Labs, LLC AVC
L13-3-1170 OAG vs. John Edward LeClair Complaint
L14-3-1130 Ocean Auto Sales AVC
L14-3-1084 Ocean Hunters Complaint
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