Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1099 The Bulldog Exchange Final Summary Judgment
L13-3-1037 The Cambridge Land Trust Company, LLC Complaint
L13-3-1037 The Cambridge Land Trust Company, LLC Consent Judgment
L13-3-1110 The Remedy Center and Pamala Griessier Complaint
L12-3-1045 The Tax Club/Manhatten Professional Group Complaint
L15-3-1173 The Veterans Supprt Organization, Inc. AVC
L12-3-1129 The Window Film Specialists AVC
L14-3-1024 TheLeadGenSpecialist, LLC AVC
L09-3-1057 Three Angels Community Action Network Final Judgment and Orderd for Permanent Injuntion
L14-3-1081 Tiger Direct AVC
L08-3-1142 Tigrent Brands Consent Agreement
L10-3-1168 Timeshare Lifestyle AVC
L10-3-1217 Timeshare Register Group AVC
L10-3-1111 Timeshares Direct Settlement Agreement
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