Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L12-3-1021 Platinum Television Group Complaint
L12-3-1021 Platinum Television Group Settlement
L13-3-1144 Platinum Windows & Doors, Inc. AVC
L09-3-1194 Point B / Christian Crossroads Complaint
L14-3-1096 PointRoll, Inc. AVC
L05-3-1002 Pool Companies, Inc. Satisfaction of Consent Judgment
L18-3-1188 Prasad LLC d/b/a LaQuinta Clearwater South AVC
L14-3-1004 Preferred Publishing Co AVC
L12-3-1121 Premium Destinations AVC
L13-3-1093 Premium Timeshare Exchange Consent Order
L10-3-1089 PrepLogic AVC
L13-3-1155 Prestige Benefits Plus AVC
L13-3-1150 Prestige Travel Systems AVC
L15-3-1196 Prime Resorts International Complaint
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