Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L17-3-1157 Mayfair Hotel and Spa AVC
L14-3-1111 McCann Law Group Complaint
L16-3-1011 McMurphy's Fencing Complaint
L16-3-1011 McMurphy's Fencing Final Default Judgment
L13-3-1018 MDT Parts & Equipment, LLC AVC
L12-3-1083 Mediaders, Inc. d/b/a Spirit Incentives AVC
L12-3-1062 Medical Management International, d/b/a Banfield Pet Hospital AVC
L10-3-1194 Medvance Institute AVC
L18-3-1194 Menada Inc. (Seacoast Suites) AVC Addendum
L18-3-1194 Menada, Inc. AVC
L09-3-1224 Meso Berry, Inc. AVC
L11-3-1086 MGD Management Complaint
L11-3-1086 MGD Management Final Judgment
L11-3-1011 MHC Timeshares Only AVC
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