Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L13-3-1123 Security Networks AVC
L12-3-1143 Sensa, Inc. AVC
L13-3-1053 Settlement Agreement
L14-3-1128 Settlement Agreement Liberty Unsecured (David Stern)
L12-3-1076 Settlement Fidelity (Anthony Pintsopoulos)
L10-3-1013 Settlement Valeska Jacques and Marlys Johnson
L17-3-1093 Shiv-Parvati, Inc. d/b/a Country Inn & Suites AVC
L14-3-1072 Singles Plus Complaint
L14-3-1072 Singles Plus Consent Judgment
L14-3-1072 Singles Plus Heather Olson Consent Judgment
L10-3-1082 Sirius XM Radio AVC
L16-3-1085 SKAN, LLC Consent Judgment
L11-3-1076 Skechers Consent Judgment
L15-3-1139 Skyline Shirts (and Defendant Pico) Consent Final Judgment
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