Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1185 Keep Your Property Support Services Consent Judgment
L10-3-1180 and Innovative Revenue Resources AVC
L10-3-1201 Keiser University AVC
L18-3-1197 Kelly Roofing AVC
L18-3-1220 Kinnecorps Complaint
L10-3-1175 Kirby Co AVC
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young AVC (B. Rokaw)
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young AVC (R. Grant)
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young CJ (D. Botton, A. Botton, S. Botton)
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young (Attorney Aid) CJ
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young/ Bridget Grant Consent Judgment
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young/ Michael Botton Consent Judgment
L12-3-1013 Knives4Wholesale AVC
L14-3-1064 Knock46 Custom Motorcycles Complaint
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