Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L15-3-1203 Legal Referral Services (W. Lucas) Settlement
L10-3-1136 Legal Refund AVC
L17-3-1170 Legendary Journeys; Complaint
L13-3-1098 Legian, LLC and Weston HCG Center AVC
L10-3-1094 Lender Processing Services Complaint
L10-3-1094 Lender Processing Services Consent Judgment
L17-3-1131 Lenovo Complaint
L17-3-1131 Lenovo Final Judgment
L12-3-1007 AVC
L11-3-1069 LHS Pensacola Ramada Inn AVC
L14-3-1128 Liberty Unsecured - Mangini Judgment
L14-3-1128 Liberty Unsecured, Inc. Complaint
L14-3-1128 Liberty Unsecured, Inc. Consent Judgments
L14-3-1099 Life Management Services Complaint
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