Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1154 Kirkland Young/ Michael Botton Consent Judgment
L12-3-1013 Knives4Wholesale AVC
L14-3-1064 Knock46 Custom Motorcycles Complaint
L14-3-1064 Knock46 Cycles Final Judgment
L14-3-1064 Knock46 Cycles Order Granting Partial Summary Judgment
L13-3-1094 L Seven Development Complaint
L13-3-1094 L Seven Development, LLC Consent Judgment
L11-3-1083 Lane Bryant AVC
L10-3-1221 Larry A. Harshman AVC
L10-3-1025 Law Offices of Thomas Dvorak AVC
L10-3-1147 Law Ofices of Marshall C. Watson AVC
L07-3-1131 Law & Associates Complaint
L07-3-1131 Law & Associates Final Judgment
L16-3-1059 Learn More Media Complaint
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