Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L09-3-1186 Inuvo AVC
L14-3-1092 Invicta Watch Co AVC
L13-3-1143 Invisisguard, LLC AVC
L18-3-1199 Island Management Hospitality d/b/a Hampton Inn and Suites AVC
L11-3-1057 J & Jay Enterprises Complaint
L13-3-1064 Jack Henry and Window Pro's of Florida AVC
L08-3-1039 Jannsen Risperdal Complaint
L08-3-1039 Janssen Pharaceuticals/Risperdal Consent Decree
L11-3-1057 Jay & J Enterprises Consent Judgment
L13-3-1137 Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg AVC
L12-3-1104 JEZ Rentals
L11-3-1014 JLF Univeristy Summary Judgment
L11-3-1014 JLF University Complaint
L13-3-1145 John Barnes Window Tinting, Inc. AVC
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