Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L17-3-1178 Infinity Medical Park (The Tarpon Inn) Consent Final Judgment
L12-3-1038 Information Management Forum Complaint
L12-3-1038 Information Management Forum Final Judgment
L15-3-1223 Innovative Construction Final Judgment
L15-3-1223 Innovative Construction Partners Complaint
L17-3-1110 Integrity Complaint
L12-3-1143 Intelligent Beauty a/k/a Just Fabulous AVC
L13-3-1042 Interface 3 and Got Talent, LLC Complaint
L13-3-1042 Interface 3 Consent Judgment
L10-3-1118 Intermark Communcations, d/b/a Copeac AVCs
L10-3-1039 International Marketing and Finance Group Final Summary Judgment
L13-3-1033 International Timeshare Exchange Complaint
L13-3-1033 International Timeshare Exchange Stipulated Final Order
L14-3-1077 International Timeshares Service AVC
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