Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L13-3-1010 HSNi, LLC, d/b/a Home Shopping Network AVC
L11-3-1048 Humane Society of Florida AVC
L15-3-1238 Husky Cargo Complaint
L15-3-1238 Husky Cargo Consent Judgment
L14-3-1049 Hut Racing Complaint
L14-3-1049 Hut Racing Consent Judgment
L14-3-1049 Hut Racing, Inc.; Final Judgment
L14-3-1113 Hyundai/Kia Complaint
L14-3-1113 Hyundai/Kia Consent Judgment
L15-3-1195 I Love Jewelry Auctions AVC
L17-3-1141 Icebox Cafe Complaint
L17-3-1141 Icebox Cafe Consent Final Judgment
L13-3-1056 Impact Computers and Electronics AVC
L08-3-1139 In the News AVC
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