Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L14-3-1112 Advocacy and Collections Group Final Judgment (Corporate Defendant)
L17-3-1101 Aequitas Management Complaint
L17-3-1101 Aequitas Management Consent Judgment
L10-3-1208 Affinion Group Complaint
L10-3-1208 Affinion/trilegiant Consent Judgment
L12-3-1132 Affordable Locksmith Services AVC
L09-3-1197 AFNI AVC
L15-3-1203 Agreed Order Approving Joint Stip for Dismissal of Claims against Rudolph
L15-3-1203 Agreed Order Approving Joint Stipulation for Dismissal of Claims Against Wayne Lucas
L12-3-1064 AIM Used Auto Parts AVC
L13-3-1135 Air Care Solutions Complaint
L13-3-1135 Air Care Solutions Temp. Injunction
L15-3-1175 Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating AVC
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