Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L08-3-1016 A Realty Rx Final Judgment
L12-3-1032 A1 Marketing Final Order
L12-3-1032 A1 Marketing Unlimited Complaint
L12-3-1032 A1 Marketing Unlimited Stipulated Judgment
L17-3-1090 AASHNA d/b/a Red Carpet Inn of Starke AVC
L11-3-1075 Abbot Labs (Depakote) Complaint
L11-3-1075 Abbott Laboratories Final Judgment
L16-3-1050 Above Average Landscapes CFJ
L16-3-1050 Above Average Landscapes Complaint
L12-3-1075 Academic High School Consent Judgment
L13-3-1041 Access Travel Network Complaint
L13-3-1041 Access Travel Network Consent Judgment and Monetary Judgment
L13-3-1041 Access Travel Network Final Order
L11-3-1037 AccountNow AVC
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