Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L14-3-1006 AVC Target Corp.
L14-3-1122 AVC The Professional Advocate
L12-3-1070 AVIS AVC
L07-3-1108 Axiom Worldwide Complaint
L07-3-1108 Axiom Worldwide Consent Judgment
L10-3-1157 AVC
L16-3-1004 A&J Contractor USA Complaint
L16-3-1004 A&J Contractor USA Final Default Judgment
L17-3-1144 A&L United Investment Group AVC
L16-3-1077 A&S Venture Group AVC
L09-3-1125 Baker, Kennedy and Associates Complaint
L09-3-1125 Baker, Kennedy and Associates Consent Judgment
L10-3-1131 Beach Blvd. Automotive Complaint
L14-3-1056 Berger Law Group - Christopher Wright Fox Judgment
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