Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L13-3-1111 Caplan, P.A. and Ocean Legal Group, P.A. AVC
L13-3-1077 Care Wellness Center AVC
L12-3-1025 Caribbean Cruise Line Complaint
L12-3-1025 Caribbean Cruise Line Consent Judgments
L09-3-1211 Cash4Gold AVC
L09-3-1211 Cash4Gold / Green Bullion Financial Services AVC
L12-3-1096 Catherine's Stores of Florida AVC
L10-3-1100 CC Solutions AVC
L09-3-1199 CCH, Inc. /Wolters Kluwer AVC
L12-3-1069 Central Rewards AVC
L13-3-1099 Century 22 Marketing Complaint
L10-3-1189 Century Marketing Group AVC
L12-3-1025 CFJ Caribbean Cruise Line (Accuardi, Pacific Telecom)
L14-3-1128 CFJ Liberty Unsecured (Michael Puglisi)
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