Consumer Protection Division
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Case NumberSubject
L10-3-1184 Blue Green AVC
L14-3-1070 Bluestem Enterprises/PayCheck Direct AVC
L13-3-1030 BML Marketing Complaint
L11-3-1019 Boardroom AVC
L08-3-1027 Boca East Final Consent Judgment
L13-3-1116 Boehringer Pharmaceuticals Final Consent Judgment
L13-3-1074 BonaKemi USA AVC
L17-3-1149 Bonita Springs Hotel AVC
L14-3-1101 Boost Software Complaint
L09-3-1098 Bristol-Myers Squibb/Abilify Complaint
L09-3-1098 Bristol-Myers Squibb/Abilify Final Judgment
L15-3-1171 BSG Clearing Solutions North America, LLC, Enhanced Services Billing Concepts, Inc., AVC
L13-3-1054 Butrram and Five Star Bulldogs Judgment
L12-3-1130 Cancer Fund of America Judgments and Orders
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