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State law prohibits an unconscionable increase in the price of essential commodities needed as a direct result of a declared state of emergency due to a hurricane or other natural disaster. What constitutes an essential commodity may change depending on the length and the nature of a declared state of emergency.

With respect to the COVID-19 declared state of emergency, the following consumer products are currently considered essential commodities:

  • Protective masks and face shields used to protect you from others if you are sick
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting supplies, such as hand gel, wipes, and disinfectant sprays
  • All personal protective equipment (PPE), including gowns, booties, gloves, and other protective gear
  • COVID-19 test kits, swabs and related consumable medical supplies used in administering tests to be essential commodities

Click here for FAQ's and more information with respect to hurricane-related states of emergency.

Officially Declared Emergency

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