Fiscal Year Voucher Num Agency Num Vendor Name Amount Account Code CFI Voucher Date
2016-2017D7000633664V0098700001THE LIFE CENTER$4,910.6141202261021411004000010413300 06/16/2017
2016-2017D7000584376V0090650002THE LIFE CENTER$4,841.4241202261021411004000010413300 05/23/2017
2016-2017D7000543152V0084380002THE LIFE CENTER$4,841.4241202261021411004000010413300 05/02/2017
2016-2017D7000500119V0077200010THE LIFE CENTER$4,928.2141202261021411004000010413300 04/10/2017
2016-2017D7000378738V0058440005THE LIFE CENTER$6,297.7141202261021411004000010413300 02/03/2017
2016-2017D7000378738V0058440006THE LIFE CENTER$5,682.8141202261021411004000010413300 02/03/2017
2016-2017D7000305676V0046790008THE LIFE CENTER$5,211.7941202261021411004000010413300 12/21/2016

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