Contract Information
Long Title:
Department of Corrections Work Squad
Total Amount:
Paid to Date:
Agency Contract ID:
Vendor Name:
Total Budget:
Date of Execution:
General Description:
DOC provides work squad which includes 1 Correctional Officer and inmates from Wakulla Correctional Institution
Main Details
Short Title:
DOC Work
Contract Type:
Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding or Interagency Agreement
Contract Status:
Closed or Expired
Begin Date:
Original End Date:
Statutory Authority:
Chapter 16, Florida Statutes
Financial Assistance:
Recipient Type:
Procurement Details
Advance Payment Authorized:
Procurement Method:
Services or Commodities provided by Governmental Agencies, including contract with independent, non-profit college or university within the state rs. 287. 057 (3) (f) 12, and s. 287.057 (22), FS]
State Term Contract ID:
Exemption Justification:
Work provided by State of Florida agency
Agency Reference Number:
Budget Summary
Fiscal Year Budget Type Budgeted Amount Account Code Effective Date Amendment

Vendor Summary
Name Address Minority Vendor Designation

1Provision of inmate work squad with correctional officer
 Commodity/Service Type:Relocation services
 Deliverable Price:$2.00
 Non Price Justification:
 Method of Payment:Fixed Fee I Unit Rate
 Performance Metrics:Cost per hour of inmate labor
 Financial Consequences:Nonpayment
 Source Documention Page Number:page 4
2Provision of inmate work squad with correctional officer
 Commodity/Service Type:Painting services
 Deliverable Price:$0.00
 Non Price Justification:Price cannot be determined until the work has been completed
 Method of Payment:Fixed Fee I Unit Rate
 Performance Metrics:Cost per hour of inmate labor
 Financial Consequences:Nonpayment
 Source Documention Page Number:page 4

Num Posted Date Title Document
1.10/21/2014Original Contract DocumentDOC Inmate Contract WS884.pdf
2.10/21/2014Amendment DocumentDOC Inmate Contract WS884 A1.pdf

Contract Change
Num Type Change Amount Execution Date Effective Date End Date Description
A1Renewal$0.0009/24/201409/24/201402/10/2016Extends contract term by one year


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